Here, you can learn the complete details about Asus router login along with the method to reset your Asus router password which is quite important to keep it away from the reach of hackers. Asus routers have been providing renowned services in the field of routers for a long now and you have arrived here because most probably you want to know how to login to router. So, this helpful guide will show you complete details about the same.

In this guide, we shall be discussing some essential steps regarding the Asus router login and changing the login credentials.

The method to log in to the Asus router

Note: the method for the router login might slightly vary for the Asus router model you are having. So, if you are using an Asus router of model number RT-N13U, then you must use the steps given below:

  1. The first thing that you need to do in order to configure your router is to connect your pc using a cable.

  2. It will make sure that your PC continues to receive an uninterrupted connection which is a must for the configuration purpose.

  3. Once you are connected to the internet, you have to launch a web browser on your PC.

  4. After that, either enter "192.168.l.10" or type "" in the search bar.

  5. This will open the Asus router login page on the screen.

  6. When prompted, you need to type "admin" in the username and password field.

  7. Here, you can easily configure your 192.168.l.l Asus router login details.

These were complete details on how to login to router. In case you have another router model apart from the model as stated above, then you can follow the instructions furnished in the next section.

Before you begin with the login steps mentioned below, you need to ensure that you have turned on your router. After that, connect the router to your PC and then proceed with the steps as mentioned below:

1. Use any suitable browser on your device and enter your router's IP address in it.

2. Usually, the IP address of an Asus router is "192.168.l.10."

3. You can also navigate to the page.

4. On the 192.168.l.l Asus router login page that opens up on your screen, enter the Asus router login details.

5. Use "admin" in place of username as well as password.

6. The Asus router configuration page will now show up on your screen.

7. Here you can easily change the following:

· The router login username and password

· Your wifi name or SSID

· And, the wifi password

8. Be sure to save the changes as soon as you make them.

Learn to find the router web credentials

In case you are worried about finding and modifying the Asus router login credentials, then here is a guide for you that will help you do the same.

  1. First of all, go to the Asus router login page.

  2. On this page, type "admin" for username and password.

  3. Now, scroll down to the "Administrator" tab at the bottom of the screen.

  4. From the given two tabs, select the option reading as "System."

  5. Here, you will see the options to edit the password.

  6. On the page, enter a new password and make sure it is strong.

The method to reset Asus router password

There are two ways through which you can achieve this and one of them is through the "Reset" button and here's how you can do this. Before you can begin, you have to locate the reset button which is generally available at the bottom of the backside of the router.

  1. Upon finding the reset button, press and hold it for 30 seconds.

  2. By doing so the LED light will start to blink on your router.

  3. Now, wait until that you see that the light has stopped blinking.

  4. This will ultimately complete the reset process.

  5. Now, turn off and then turn on the router again.

As soon as you do this, you can do the Asus router login and make the necessary configurations.


Asus AC series routers provide ultra-fast speeds up to 3200 Mbps, Asus ac series routers are best known for high speeds, frequency & also for their revolutionary hardware. Ultra-fast 802.11 ac Asus routers combined with tri-band data rate eliminate latency for online gaming as well as for 4k streaming videos.AC series routers are equipped with 2.0 & 3.0 USB ports, provide data transfer 10 times faster. Asus routers GUI is simple, easy setup and login, Asus routers GUI provides access to various advanced network control features. Asus routers are equipped with ai protection with Trendmicro security to eliminate phishing attacks.


  • STEP1: Disconnect your older router if any, & then power on your Asus router, wait for the lights to turn solid green or white.

  • STEP2: Connect Ethernet cable from your internet service provider box to WAN port of your Asus router, then connect a cable from Ethernet slot of Asus router to your computer.

  • STEP3: Launch a web browser and type in the address bar of your browser, a login screen will appear use username as admin and default login password is admin.

  • STEP4: Quick internet set up wizard screen will appear, select your internet connection type i.e static, dynamic, PPPoE as per your internet service provider.

  • STEP5: Click on next option, Asus router QIS will try to connect with your host modem, this process might take up to 60 seconds

  • STEP6: Assign a network name & wireless network key password to your Asus router, then click on the apply option. (wifi password should contain 8 characters minimum )

  • STEP7: Connect your wireless networking devices with Asus router SSID (network name)

  • In order to access the Asus router login page, you can either use classic web address or you can use the default IP address of Asus router

  • Asus Router Login


  • STEP1: Place your Asus extender close to your host router & plug it into any power source, wait for the led lights to turn solid green or white.

  • STEP2: Disconnect the Ethernet cable from your computer or laptop & connect it wirelessly with Asus extender network name SSID.

  • STEP3: launch a web browser and type http://repeater.asus in the address bar of your browser, a login screen will appear, use username & password both as admin

  • STEP4: Select your existing host router & follow the on-screen instructions, input your wifi security key when prompted.

  • STEP5: After completing set up process, you can place your Asus extender in between your dead point zone and host router, it will take around 1 minute for Asus extender to reconnect again with your existing router.


  • Easy setup & easy to use GUI ( )

  • Network map control settings ( )

  • Beamforming technology( )

  • Mu-Mimo technology

  • Smart connect features ( )

  • Robust parental control features

  • Tri-band easy connect features( )

  • 2.0 & 3.0 USB for faster file transfers

  • Ai protection powered by TrendMicro ( )

  • Vulnerability protection

  • Adaptive QoS features ( )

  • Web history

  • Traffic monitor ( )

  • FTP share service

  • Ai cloud smart access ( )

  • Wifi protected setup WPS feature ( )

  • Adaptive & dynamic QOS


ASUS ROUTER FIRMWARE UPGRADE To update Asus router login firmware, connect an Ethernet cable from Asus router straight to your computer, launch a web browser and type in address bar of your browser, a login screen will appear, use default username and password as admin, Asus router GUI will appear, under advanced settings, click on firmware upgrade option, click on check for new updated option, or alternatively you can download latest Asus router firmware from Asus download center, then click on extract file option>>browse >> upgrade firmware. You can access Asus router login page using IP address also instead of using classic web address


You may receive an error message page cannot be displayed or error 404, if you are unable to access Asus router login website, make sure your computer is connected wired or wirelessly with Asus router, open network settings under control panel, and make sure LAN & WAN adapters are enabled if there is any forced IP assigned to network adapter, then select automatically or auto-detect IP settings option, if still the issue persists try restarting your Asus router & then try to access Asus router login page using classic web address or by using IP address .try resetting internet protocol and browser settings, disable active firewalls if any from your computer, firewall software like avast internet security, Norton & Kaspersky block access to router login websites. Make sure java scripts are enabled or alternatively try to access the Asus router login website using a different web browser.

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To conclude:

It is a must that you change your Asus router login password and username so as to avoid any confusion if there are two routers at the same location. Also, ensure that the password you keep is strong and unique so that nobody can access your network without your permission. More Information :- GoDaddy Email.