Our Leadership

 Mr Laymore Hattens
Managing Director
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Chairman of the Boards of Directors
Principal (Majority) Shareholder (57%)
Co-Founder (former PMD)

Hattens co-founded Asset Management UK in the wake of Brexit. Previously, having been educated at Eton and Oxford College, he went to to pursue careers in writing, banking and law. This gave him the principles, knowledge and experience to found and run Asset Management UK. 

You can download his resumé profile here
Aside from Asset Management UK, he also runs Dignified Scrawl as CEO. This is a charitable organisation in the UK. He also co-runs Lesenbauer, a publishing agent in London and Germany.

He stepped down as PMD to become Head of EMEA corporate on 16 February 17, in a role swap with Stephen Cawford. But on the 24th Feb 2017, due to a change in leadership structure at AMUK, he became primary shareholder again and is now 'Chief Executive Officer (CEO)' of Asset Management UK. 
Stephen Crawford
Dr Stephen Crawford
Managing Director
Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors
Global Chief Operations Officer (Global COO)
Substantial Shareholder (10%)

(former CEO)
CAWFORD previously worked his way up the ladder at Goldman Sachs, ultimately serving as a Managing Director, having worked there for over 30 years, before moving to his true passion, Asset and Capital management, which he did at JP Morgan Asset Management as an M&A Executive. 
He joined Asset Management UK as a Managing Director and Head of M&A in June 2016, before becoming Head of EMEA Corporate in September 2016. He now runs all of Asset Management UK's EMEA operations for corporations and companies.
Currently happily lives in Enfield with his wife and two children. 

He was promoted to PMD (CEO) on 16 February 2017 by outgoing PMD/CEO, Laymore Hattens, but became Global COO in a structure change at Asset Management UK on 24 Feb 17, at which point Dr Crawford was appointed COO, and Mr Hattens CEO. 

You can see his Linkedin profile, including his extensive experience at Goldman Sachs and AMUK, here: linkedin.com/in/stephen-cawford

He has said that he would be glad to 'connect with' clients on Linkedin. 

 Mrs Jane Clarke
Executive Personnel Director
Executive Director
Jane joined Asset Management UK in October 2016 as an M&A AVP, having previously worked with Mr Cawford in M&A at Goldman Sachs. But she also later worked in HR at Goldman Sachs, and on 24 February 2017 was promoted by HATTENS to Executive Director and Personnal Director. 

She now assists the CEO, COO and Head of HR with human resources, recruitment, welfare and personnel related issues, and also manages communication between executive management and all staff.  

She also works to improve efficiency and client relationships. 
Mr Paul Davies
Deputy Executive-Operations Officer
Director of Entry
Managing Director

Paul worked for 25 years at Morgan Stanley, serving as a Managing Director and Head of FIG EMEA from 2007 to 2011. From 2011-17, he worked as a self employed chartered accountant.
He worked from 1999-2003 at Goldman Sachs, and at various other financial institutions before that.  
He joined AMUK on 16 Feb 17 as a Managing Director. 
Jenny Smith (old photo)
Ms Jenny Smith
Managing Director
Substantial Shareholder (23%)
Head of HR

SMITH co founded Asset Management UK with HATTENS in June 2016, having previously worked with him at a number of other companies, in senior positions. 
She previously worked in senior positions in the EMEA bond market, having worked at the Big 4 and others, including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, Barclays and HSBC. She worked her way up from Executive Vice President in 2009 to Managing Director in 2015. 
In mid-2015, she decided to pursue a CIPD course (in human resources) before working as a senior HR manager at Goldman Sachs. 
She studied Economics (with accountancy) at a top French university. 
Jeremy Watson

Mr Jeremy Watson
Managing Director
Head of Marketing
WATSON has served as a managing director and Head of Marketing since the founding of Asset Management UK in June 2016. He has a degree in Engineering from Imperial College London, and worked at various MNC/TNCs as Marketing, Legal and Artistic executive. He also worked at Dyson in the engineering team. 
He currently manages over an over-50 strong marketing and PR department at Asset Management UK, ably assisted by his Deputy Head of Marketing, Rosie Carr. He also manages over 50 additional PR staff and webmasters, externally. Watson helped the IT department with the website and portals, internal and external. It is also under his leadership that the Asset Management UK Logo and Twitter account were founded. 
He also worked at Apple as a software engineer, and was part of the team that contributed to the development of iOS 9 in particular. He also worked at a top estate agent in the UK&US. 
Jeremy regularly meets with fellow Managing and Executive Directors, including the PMD, often at Board Meetings, both in Singapore and in London, to discuss new developments and get new ideas. 
Adam Pearson

Mr Adam Pearson
Managing Director
Head of Origination
Pearson read Economics at Durham University, before working at Goldman Sachs as an Executive Director in FIG M&A. 
He joined Asset Management UK in October 2016 as a Managing Director and new Head of M&A, taking over from Stephen Cawford. 

 Mr Peter Wilson
Managing Director
Head of New Real Estate
AMUK Real Estate
WILSON joined Asset Management UK in September 2016 as the Head of our new Department, Real Estate. 
Having attended Cambridge University to read Land Economy, and then went on to found his own real estate company which he sold in 2015 for multi-millions of pounds. He has also previously served in Property departments at the Big 4. 
Mark Benford

Mr Mark Benford
Executive Director
Head of M&A, Mergers and Aquisitions
Mark joined Asset Management UK in July 2016 as an AVP in M&A. He then became an executive VP in M&A, before serving as Acting Head of M&A when Stephen Cawford was promoted. 
When Adam Pearson was appointed as Head of M&A in October 2016, Mark became an Executive Director and Assistant Head of Department. He then worked at Morgan Stanley briefly from Nov 16 to Feb 17, before rejoining AMUK again in the same (and his current) position. . 
Aside from work at Asset Management UK, he also serves as a volunteer senior Economics adviser at our partner company, Dignified Scrawl. This is charitable service and he's notpaid for this work there. 
He rejoined AMUK on 16 Feb 17 as Deputy Head of M&A, to assist Mr Pearson. He also assisted with origination from time to time. 
On 1 August, Mark left AMUK again to join the Parliamentary House of Commons to work as a Parliamentary Assistant to an MP. But he rejoined Asset Management UK on 31 August as Head of M&A as M&A and Origination were split as departments, so this new vacancy arose. 
A German at childhood & still at heart, he intends to build relationships with German clients in particular. 
Prakesh Patel

Mr Prakesh Patel
Executive Director
Head of Accounts and Books
Patel first joined Asset Management UK in June 2016 as Head of Subsidiaries. He was also CFO at our partner company, Dignified Scrawl. After a short sabbatical leave, he rejoined Asset Management UK in September 2016 as Head of Accounts and Books. As a former accountant and small business owner, he knows lots about accounts. He helps Asset Management UK and all clients with related queries. 
Paul Maynard

Mr Paul Maynard
Executive Director
Paul is a graduate of computing from an American University. But he moved to the UK in 2015, and joined the IT Department at Asset Management UK in August 2016. 
He was a key part of the IT team in helping to create and maintain the new database, which was created from scratch. Developed in under 2 months, it has been described at a board meeting of managing directors as a "masterpiece". 
He works under Manesh Mistry to date (Head of IT) (even in Paul's new position) and presides over the running of the database, answering difficult technical  client queries each and every day.  
Liz Jones
Mrs Elizabeth Jones
Chief Secretary
Substantial Shareholder (17.5%)
Head of Administration & Logistics
Elizabeth joined Asset Management UK when it first started in June 2016. She had previously voluntary experience at a number of charities, and also work experience at a local bookshop in Greater London. She moreover has Executive PA experience at a London-based PR company and also to a senior journalist at a London-headquartered newspaper. She currently is also the personal PA to our PMD, Mr Hattens. She manages all administration, PAs and Logistics at both Dignified Scrawl and Asset Management UK. 
She is also Head of Mr Laymore Hattens's personal office in Westminster, London.