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Aspects For Safety, LLC believes in the importance of “providing risk reduction solutions”.  Our training focuses on human factors, as it relates to safety and management leadership improvement, and provides a “hands on” approach with these skills. Our ultimate goal is to help you improve safety consciousness. We offer dynamic training courses and consulting services for businesses and organizations.  Our training courses are oriented towards improving communication and decision making skills to reduce safety risks. This newsletter is yet another example of how we assist in bringing the message to professionals emphasizing the importance of managing risks. Each section provides meaningful AFS topics. Simply click on the "Page Name" you wish more information about.

Newsletter Overview:

Features Page 

    • AFS Featured Employee – James Miller  

Jim’s lengthy and vast experience with issues concerning safety, training, supervision, and management on a national level provides a wealth of knowledge that AFS class  participants can truly appreciate.

    • Reviewing Featured Human Factors Related Events
    • Calendar – Future conferences offering Human Factors subjects

FYI Page
    • Aspects For Safety looks into “heuristics” and how heuristics can reduce overall safety consciousness. Curious about “heuristics”?  Learn how we inadvertently take risks while we think we were doing the “right thing”.  Read about how people can become “trapped” by heuristics in our article “This Certainly Seems Right To Me” .

Human Factors “Articles and Tips" Page

    • Why did a nurse accidentally toss into the garbage a kidney just removed from a living donor destined to be transplanted into the donor's sister? Poor post-operative surgical care is one of the biggest problems in American hospitals. An estimated 100,000 hospital patients die every year as a result of medical negligence or malpractice. The error made news headlines, but the question is what communication had been missing and who was responsible to inform the nurse that the kidney was not post-surgery parts to be trashed?  From  Kidney from Living Donor Destined for Transplant Thrown in Trash" by Anne Hart, Healthy Trends Examiner and reported by Ignazio Messina,  Blade Staff Writer 

AFS “Contact Us” Page

    • Share your questions, comments or other important information with AFS.