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A member is anyone, be it an individual or an Organization, that accepts to sign and uphold the articles of this Organization, and to officially apply for registration as a regular member. The application letter is addressed to the President of the Organization before its approval by the General Assembly.


Every member has the following obligations :

  • To protect and defend the Organization interests ;
  • To respect the regulations of the Organization ;
  • To report to the meetings and activities involving the Organization ;
  • To avoid any behaviour that may be detrimental to the life of the Organization ;
  • To comply with the decisions taken by the Executive Committee and the General Assembly ;
  • To participate on regular basis, to support the Organizational activities.


  • To vote and to compete for any post available within the Organization, in the compliance with the presenting regulations;
  • To get informed about the activities, the finances and the assets of the Organization;
  • To access the services and to enjoy every kind of advantage that the Organization offers to the members;
  • To freely discuss every kind of issue debated at the General Assembly of the Organization.

Membership loss

The membership is lost under either of the following:

  • Voluntary resignation;
  • Exclusion decided by the General Assembly by two thirds (2/3)of the voters (present or represented), with the proposal of the Executive Committee;
  • Crumbling  of the organization;
  • Member's  death.