Communication Laboratory: EEE 310

EEE 310: Level 3, Term 2. Section: B1, C1.

(Semester: July 2014, November 2013, April 2012; February 2011; May, 2010.)

Quick Links and Downloads:

Download Lab manuals

Lab report marks for Section B1 (Final) are available: Download PDF

Lab report marks for Section C1 (Final) are available: Download PDF

Lab Report Format:

Three independent lab reports must be submitted from each group. The lab reports must be submitted in pdf format (doc format not allowed) through email.

Email addresses for sending reports (for A2 section): reports.eee.lab (at)

Deadline for report submission is 12 hours before the next scheduled lab class.

The name of the pdf file and the subject of the email should be the same and should following the following format:

For A2: 310_A2_Exp##_Gr#_1006###

(Note that the Experiment number must be in two digits. Also note where capital letters are used)

Example: Student no. 1006321 of A2 group 7 submitting report of experiment 9 should send the pdf file with the name: 310_A2_Exp09_Gr7_1006321. The subject of the email address should be the same as well.

Archived files (Nov 2013)

Lab Projects (Section B1 and C1):

For preliminary ideas about lab project, students are advised to check the following link:

The site contains several projects that students should browse through.

Antenna design related help:

An example RF power amplifier (8MHz): Download Simulation File (LT Spice)

Project Video:

When uploading the video in youtube, students should add the following keywords:

1. Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEEE)

2. Communication Laboratory (EEE 310)

3. Lab Project

4. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

5. Batch number and student numbers

6. Contact information (email address of a few of the students)

They must provide a brief description of their project work in the "description" section. The title must include the project title and course name.

Lab Report Marks:

Lab report marks for Section B1 (Final) are available: Download PDF

Lab report marks for Section C1 (Final) are available: Download PDF

Archived (from April 2012 Semester)

Lab Projects:

Lab projects for Section B1 students have been uploaded: Download PDF

Lab projects for Section B2 students have been uploaded: Download PDF

Incredible People:

Edwin H. Armstrong (1890 – 1954)

“It ain't ignorance that causes all the trouble in this world. It's the things people know that ain't so.”

Edwin H. Armstrong was responsible for the Regenerative Circuit (1912), the Superheterodyne Circuit (1918), the Superregenerative Circuit (1922) and the complete frequency-modulation radio broadcasting system (1933). These basic electronic circuits are underlying all modern radio, radar, and television.

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