For Students: Laboratory Courses

Announcements regarding the lab courses I am taking will be found on the pages under this section. There are separate pages for every course I am taking. Question, solution and marks will be uploaded in the pages of corresponding courses. Also important study materials will be uploaded if necessary.

Students are advised to check the pages corresponding to their courses regularly.

Microwave Engineering Laboratory: EEE 434

Numerical Technique Laboratory: EEE 212

Communication Laboratory: EEE 310

Electrical Services Design: EEE 314

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory: EEE 312

Control System I Laboratory: EEE 402

Power System I Laboratory: EEE 306

Electrical Circuits Laboratory: EEE 106

Electrical and Electronic Technology Laboratory: EEE 260 (ME)

Introduction to Electrical Engineering Laboratory: EEE164 (CSE)

Electrical and Electronic Technology Laboratory: EEE 268 (CHE)

This page was last updated on: Sept. 19, 2013.