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                             INFORMATION   INTELLIGENCE

      Enterprise Information for Business-Operations, Performance and Efficiency can be significantly enhanced with the management science capabilities provided by the  INTELLIGENCE  ANALYTICS  SOLUTIONS from ASC  Systems. 

     These visionary Intelligence Analytics Solutions include professional consulting and quantitive analysis capabilities, for the implementation of integrated Enterprise Operational intelligence and Predictive / Performance Analytics technology, applicable to:

          BUSINESS          INDUSTRY           INSTITUTION           GOVERNMENT
     Now incorporating state-of-art Mobility & Displays with Real-Time Graphic Analytics, the Enterprise Intelligence Systems provide a comprehensive array of services for structured information harvesting, to improve:

             Decision Making         Operations Management           Financial Returns      
             Supply Logistics         Manufacturing Efficiency          Customer Support 

     A comprehensive range of Business Intelligence, Performance Analytics and/or Operations Management solutions are facilitated with these dynamic Enterprise Information systems, which include:

                              INTEGRAL  ENTERPRISE  INTELLIGENCE:
                                   - Business Performance Analytics
                             - Quantitative Venture Monitoring
                             - Operation Management Solutions
                             - Predictive / Modeling Alternatives

                             - Financial and Profit Optimization

                             - Marketing and Customer Analyses
                                                              - Strategic & Economic Simulations
                             - Logistics / Supply-Chain Directives
                             - Computer/Data Center Intelligence 
                             - Productivity 
& Efficiency Tracking
                             - Manufacturing / Process Initiatives
                             - Adaptive Quality / Product Controls 
                             - Preventive Maintenance Scheduling  
                             - Network
 & Computer System Security

In addition, extensive Intelligence Analytics implementation solutions are offered for software systems from major I/A providers, including:  SAP or IBM & compatibles. 

      Intelligence Analytics consulting and evaluation services are available directly from the management technology staff, at:

                                         ASC  Systems                  
                                              Intelligence  Analytics

                                            Phone:       313-882-1133

                                           E.Mail:     ASCSystems@live.com

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