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                       INTEGRAL  A/I    ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE

  A/I Artifical Jntelligence: - Now, Integral Operations, Performance and Efficiency can be significantly enhanced with the Automation Technology capabilities provided by the  A/I INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS from ASC  Systems. 

     These visionary Artifical Intelligence Solutions include professional consulting and   - Interactive  / multi-layer cognitive capabilities, for the implementation of integrated Enterprise Operational intelligence and Predictive / Performance Analytics technology, applicable to:

              COMMERCE          INDUSTRY           AUTOMATION          MOBILITY
     Incorporating state-of-art Mobility / Technology, with Real-Time Imaging  and  Analytics, the Integral A/I Artifical Intelligence Systems provide a comprehensive array of services for structured information harvesting, to improve:

             Decision Making         Operations Management           Financial Returns      
             Supply Logistics         Manufacturing Efficiency          Customer Support 

     A comprehensive range of Business Intelligence, Performance Analytics and/or Operations Management solutions are facilitated with these dynamic Enterprise Information systems, which include:

                              INTEGRAL  ENTERPRISE  A/I  INTELLIGENCE:
                                 - Virtual A/I Augmented Intelligence
                              - Imaging / Reconition & Perception
                              - Automata / Predictive Cognition
                                Quantitative Proforma Monitoring
- Health Monitoring and Diagnostics
                             - Proactive / Modeling Alternatives

                             - Efficiency and Process Optimization

                             - Marketing and Customer Analyses
                                                                     - Strategic & Economic Simulations
                             - Logistics / Supply-Chain Directives
                             - Computer/Data Center Intelligence 
                             - Productivity 
& Egonomics Tracking
                             - Manufacturing / Performance Initiatives
                             - Adaptive Quality / Product Controls 
                             - Preventive Maintenance Scheduling  
                             - Intelligent Networks
 &  Cyber Security

In addition, extensive Intelligence Analytics implementation solutions are offered for software systems from major I/A providers, including:  SAP or IBM & compatibles. 

      Intelligence and Analytics consulting and evaluation services are available directly from the management technology staff, at:

                                         IT  Systems                  
                                  Artifical  Intelligence / Analytics

                                            Phone:       248-438-5522

                                           E.Mail:     iCOM@usa.com

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