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                      eARCHITECTURALtm  INTELLIGENT  3D  DESIGN
                               CREATE  AMAZING   VIRTUAL                             
                              3D  GRAPHICS  and  DESIGNS ! - using: 
 and  hp 3D  Computer Work-Stations:
         Integral Display:         20 in. Hi-Brite, + Opts. to 60 in.  
              Processor:         Multi-Core CPU,  + Z Options.
                                    Storage:            500 GB,  + Expan. Options.
                                        Memory:           4 GB RAM, + Opts. to 12 GB
                        Optional:           TOUCH-DISPLAYS  &  I/O Sensors
        - For:    3D Jmaging, Graphics, Design & Mobile Video
   - Enjoy the real benefits of Interactive 3D Computing and Graphics Design, with the 
Intelligent  iGRAPHXstm  hp  Work-Stations & 3D Imaging Systems,
 - for optimized  Design Solutions, now offered with
the eARCHITECTURALtm Software & hp  3D Computer Products.
  - Offering extensive experience in 3D Graphics and Imaging Systems,
- client expectations for Interactive / Intelligent Design Systems may be
truly assured.    These 3D  iGRAPHXstm Computer Work-Stations  can encompass uniquely customized interactive Imaging & Networking features, for:
        3D DESIGN          ANIMATION          SOCIAL        MOBILITY  
       MEDICAL            RETAILING           SPORTS        iGAMING 
      -These 3D GRAPHICS Intelligent Design & Computing capabilities
incorporate comprehensive ADVANCED IMAGING Technology Solutions, for: 
     M/Media Telecasts           Marketing Analytics           iVideo Implementation
    APPS Specifications       Program Development         Networking Integration
 - to insure realizing Optimal Graphic  performance and reliability.
      Aerospace       Automotive       Retail       Television       Health
      Transport       Architectural     Travel       Real Estate     Games
PRICES- i/GRAPHXstm  3D Computer Systems  range from:   $395., & up,
                                                                                                 (Subject to options/specs)
       - Prices are net of applicable State Sales Tax and any shipping fees.
      - Additional specs for the iGRAPHXstm  WORK-STATIONS  can be obtained
       thru,    iNetsatusad0tc0m      - Any requests for returns must be
      pre-approved by the seller, prior to shipment and are
       subject to fees for shipping or inspection.
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