Get involved at GECA!  Whether your searching for community service opportunities or looking for some buddies to play a game of after-school football, we offer many incredible clubs in which students can work together and make friends in the process.  Feel free to contact any of the faculty advisors via email or any of the students via School Loop for more information.
Chicanos y Latinos Unidos
Our purpose is to promote cultural relationships and encourage minority students to seek higher education.

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Kamala Wood
President: Alondra Navarro
Secondary Officer: Lucero Morales

The Performing Arts
Our purpose is to promote the arts and creative expression in the student body.

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Elaine Carne
President: Vanessa Li
Secondary Officer: Luke Kerbs
Primary Member: Jacquelyn Nguyen

Chicken Scratch
Chicken Scratch is a club for writers.  Authors of any sort can join the club to write and share their works.  Chicken Scratch strives to create a safe, welcoming environment to ensure that members are comfortable sharing their writing.  At its heart, Chicken Scratch should be a family.

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Treva Boyce
President: Emma Wittry
Secondary Officer: Sarah Cavanaugh
United Planet
Our purpose is to provide community service opportunities to Dr. T.J. Owens Gilroy Early College Academy's students.  Students will learn what it means to serve and be part of the Gilroy community.

Faculty Advisor: Mr. James Corcoran
President: Undetermined
Secondary Officer: David Ray Miranda

Athletics Club
Our purpose is to promote a healthy lifestyle through exercise and to have fun while engaging in physical activity.

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Sam Navarez
President: Joseph Nguyen
Secondary Officer: Undetermined

Founding Leaders
Our purpose is to educate our peers about leadership attributes, skills, and values while promoting confident leaders for the present and for the future.

Faculty Advisor: Mr. John Heyl
President: Pryanka Sabharwal
Secondary Officer: Undetermined
We seek to raise money through fundraising events to send to Susan G. Komen in hopes of finding a cure for breast cancer.

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Sonia Flores
President: Madison Wahl
Secondary Officer: Amanda Flosi

The Great Debaters

President: Alexis Pena Tomasetti

Punjabi Junction
Our purpose is to develop an awareness about the Punjabi culture from the rich history and background to entertainment.

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Shiva Mangaraju
President: Kiran Brar
Secondary Officers: Jannat Kaur & Ramnique Randhawa

Interact Club
Interact is the youth branch of the Rotary Club of Gilroy and is designed to get students involved in events that better our community.  This club is not affiliated with ASB but is nonetheless a vital and meaningful part of our school.  For more information, contact Alondra Navarro via School Loop.