August 2016:

I have moved - please see my new website: www.arunsethuraman.weebly.com

July 2016:
Exciting news! I will be setting up a computational/population genomics lab at the California State University San Marcos in the Department of Biological Sciences in the Fall of 2016.
If you are an undergraduate student that is interested in my work, and would like to pursue a Masters program, do contact me. If you are finishing up a PhD, and are interested in a postdoc in pop-gen, do write to me as well.


I was previously a Research Assistant Professor/Postdoctoral Associate at Temple University, working with Jody Hey on several interesting questions in divergence population genomics, including the suite of tools for estimating ancestral divergences and migration events, IMa2.

I graduated with a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (minor in Genetics) from Iowa State University. My Ph.D. advisers were Fred Janzen and Karin Dorman. For my thesis work, I worked on developing new methods for the delineation of population genetic structure, and understanding its consequences in the fields of conservation genetics, and the estimation of pairwise genetic relatedness. See my publications/research pages for more details on my past and current work.

My research interests include evolutionary population genomics, graph theory and its applications - broadly evolutionary computational biology. 

I enjoy writing - scientific or otherwise. Here are links to blogs that I contribute to:

The Molecular Ecologist - As a contributor, I write weekly shorts on the state of the science, and longer posts every month on issues in population and evolutionary genetics.

Social Evolution Forum - I contribute regularly to this new blog with commentaries on population genomics and human evolution.

Wordsworthless - My blog of short-short stories/plays/monologues/translations/etc.

I have previously worked as a Research Intern with Symantec Corporation, and as a Junior Research Associate with the Software Engineering and Technology Labs at Infosys Technologies Limited

Here's a link to my Google Scholar page.



All software that I have developed can be downloaded from my GitHub page here:



Please see this page for a list of my recent publications.


Arun Sethuraman

Department of Biological Sciences

California State University San Marcos

San Marcos CA 92096