Lily Orchid Li  (Yes, the initials is LOL)
Hi Ladies and Germs!!!
I'm Lily and I am a daughter of Iris. I am also in a Percy Jackson blog and we need a whole lot more people to join our blog. We don't even have someone who is Percy Jackson, yet!!! Here is the link to the Percy Jackson world: 
I know a site where Amazons and Hunters came together and wrote their life stories or shared interesting things peacefully. Sort of.
I think you have to have a wordpress to join but it's real easy to sign up!!!  
This is my picture of me when I was 12:
My eyes are green by the way and everytime I take a picture, my eyes like to turn into a different color like blue or brown. I'm 5'2.
I am 16 and I love to gossip about love and BTW, have you heard about Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase... And Aphrodite cheating her husband....and....
You can't depend on love my friends, tsk tsk tsk...
Aphrodite is looking at me in a strange way... O.O 
If you know about archery, this is the picture of me when I didn't know anything about left eye/right eye bows. In this picture, it seemed that I was right eyed. But I realize later on I was left eyed. So my arrow holder should be on my left shoulder and my bow should be in my right hand for a more accurate shot. I only found that out when I was 13. No wonder I was missin' the bulls-eye a lot. :O 
This is my picture of me when I was 12: (I did not draw this)
Now this picture below, I did draw. :3
I was 13 here.   
This site: I'm a Second Lieutenant
My site: I'm the Lieutenant, Kiandra's the second Lietenant. :P
In the real Hunt, I'm the writer. Thalia is the Lieutenat.
Day when I joined the real Hunt:
 Oct. 16
Age I joined: 16
Parents: Iris and Evan Li
Current Location: 000 youstalker st. Creepers, UR.
(in other words, somewhere)