Name: Kiandra Marina Brise du Large (pronounced Key-on-druh Breeze-ay dew Larg-eh)
Joined Hunters: Oct. 23, 2011.
Age when joined: 13
Title: Lietenant of the Hunters.
Parents: Poseidon, and Vie Brise du Large
Hobbies: swimming, horseback riding, reading, writing, playing with friends, air hockey, and hunting.
Tools: Hurricane (my sheild), Glace (my bow and arrow case), and my bone-spear.
Friends: Fern-Anna (mortal), Shona (Neread).
Hi! I'm Kiandra! I started this website! I hope lots of people join the group!
So, yeah, I'm Poseidon's daughter. Now, don't get cheeky and say that I should have been in the Percy Jackson books cuz of the Big 3 oath, and stuff! So, sheesh, stop yelling at me! :P
I first realized that I was his daughter when I moved to the middle of nowhere when I was 11. I used to live by the Pacific Ocean, but "difficulties" made us have to move to the desert, miles from my beloved ocean.
Was I heartbroken at the move? Yeah, you could say that.
Anyways, my mom finally told me about Poseidon, and I freaked out. In a good way. 
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