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Check out the questions! If your question is not here, contact us!
How much does it cost to join?
Free! Honestly, you think Artemis would charge you?
How old do you have to be to join?
That's tricky. I'm not accepting babies, toddlers, or adults, but I don't want to exclude anyone. So, 8-18 sounds right (although most of our Hunters are at least 13)
What do I get by joining?
Fun. Friendship. Opportunities. Immortality. But hey, if you want to be specific, check out the member handbook!
How do I know if I'm in?
Kiandra will email you. It probably won't happen right away, since she's not on the computer 24/7, but she's on often, and WILL receive your application soon after you enter it.
Is there anything I HAVE to do as a member?
Nope. Just a google account, and follow the rules. But there aren't any special obligations we ask of you. Of course, all of the optional stuff IS why you joined, right?
Help! I can't get into the chat rooms!
Hmm...this depends. Are you trying to get in the main chat room, or the adventure quest thingy one? The main chat room chnges passswords everytime we think someone has broken in, or something else. But we keep the passwords posted on the private site AND we send email notifications when its changed. If this still doesn't work, contact Kiandra. If you can't get in the quest one, thats because there is a different password which only people on quests can get. It also changes when a quest is done, so people can't get in twice!
Why do I need a Google account to join?
Since we use Google Sites as our web hosting, we have to follow THEIR rules. Basically, we can only give away the special permissions to Google users. Luckily, its free!
Why does Kiandra have a long last name? Is Brise her middle name?
Brise and du Large are actually two separate last names. One is my mom's, one is my stepdad's. Which is which? I'll never tell :P
What are the Hunters of Artemis?
You don't know by now? Read the Percy Jackson Series, by Rick Riordan. You are too lazy or can't afford the books? Sad. Basically, we are eternal maidens who swear off boys forever and follow the Goddess Artemis on her eternal hunt!
If I'm a girl, but have had relationships in the past, can I still join?
As long as you are willing to swear off boys NOW, you can join. If you are still dating, probably not.
How do I join?
Get a Google account and go to the Front Desk. There is a form there, and just fill it out!
I'm only able to go online once in a while. Would that affect my membership?
Not really. It just means that you might miss out on special events. You still get all rights and privileges and stuff!
Why can't I comment on all the pages I want?
Google Sites is stupid. That's why. It only allows comments on pages that you have permission to edit.