Who is Artemis? What is The Hunt? Well, here is the story:
(Hunters: Feel free to edit this story)
Once upon a time, there was noting. Then came Gaea and Ouranos, Earth and Sky. They had children: The Titans, the Hundred-handed ones, and the cyclopes. The Titan Kronos was convinced by his mother to chop his father into a million pieces. Then he took over.
He and his wife, Rhea, had children. But Kronons was afraid that his children would chop him up into a million pieces, like he had done to his father. So hea ate his kids. Each time, Rhea grew more desparate. So one day, she gave birth to baby Zeus, in secret on an island. When Kronos demanded that she give him the baby, she gave him a rock instead.
When Zeus grew up, he came up to Kronos and offered to give him a meal like no other. Kronons, thinking Zeus was a fellow Titan, accepted the offer. Zeus fed him a mixture of mustard and wine (yech), which caused Kronons to throw up. He ended up throwing up his other 5 children, who, being immortal gods, were growing up safely in Kronos's stomach.
The gods threw over the Titans, and did indeed cut Kronons into a million pieces. And then came the 5th age.
Zeus and his wife Hera never were trustworthy to each other. And by them, I mean Zeus. He was so unreliable (No offense Uncle, please please dont zap me remember that favor i did for you last spring?) that he had an affair with several people. The best couple was him and Leto, who gave birth to Artemis.
Although accounts claim that Artemis and Apollo were twins, Artemis was actually born first and helped her mother give birth to Apollo. (So if Apollo tells you he's older, feel free to call  him a liar in Artemis's name)
Hera was always mad at Artemis, but Zeus stood up for her. One day, after Hera was insulting Artemis, she came up to Zeus and requested things, including:
  • To be a maiden
  • To be recognized by many names, not just Apollo's twin.
  • To have her own silver chariot.
  • To have silver bows and arrows.
  • To have a group of girls follow her and assist her (Us hunters!)
  • To be able to hunt freely.
  • To be allowed to travel the earth as she wished
To be continued....
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