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.:Welcome to the Hunt! Come play, chat, write, read, do activities, and SO MUCH MORE!! :.
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What is the Hunt? Well, we explain all about Artemis and the Hunt in the About page. 
This is NOT the real Hunters of Artemis group. We are just a fun club for those who like Rick Riordan's books and the ideas he created. Most of our ideas are based after those, so be sure to respect them. 
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Remember: this is a girl's only, maidens-only site! No boys allowed!!!
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"Ahh…the sweet, powdery softness of that donut… Ahh!!! im hungry again…"
 "I swear, the fish were staring at me."
"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious sounds like Super California is this extra can of mochas!"

"Not that pumpkins can hear anyways... "



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