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FYI's About the Listserve

*Note: If your e-mail address changes, you will no longer receive listserv postings. You can either go to the link to change your information; you will have to know the password that you setup originally-we cannot look that up (at the end of the month you get an automated message telling you your listserve username and password):
OR you can resubscribe to the listserve with your new email address. We (ArSCA Technology Team) can not change your address for you; you have to change it or resubscribe. When you resubscribe we will verify that you are either a school counselor or ArCA member prior to approving your subscription application.

Arkansas School Counselor Database

This is a searchable database for you to find fellow counselors throughout the state. You can search by counselor name, school, or district. Use the Search Counselor Database link in red below to find counselors in other Arkansas' schools. If your email address, school, or position has changed you need to notify your REGIONAL PRESIDENT so that your information can be corrected in the database. Information on regional presidents can be found under Regions (just to the left).