ArSCA Establishes Independence

This summer during the ArSCA/ADE Conference, Arkansas School Counselor Association (ArSCA) members voted to secede from Arkansas Counseling Association (ArCA).  The vote was passed by 91.7%.  Many of you have been asking about the outcome of that vote and questioned why the vote has not been revealed.  Under ArCA bylaws, in order for a division to voluntarily depart from its organization, it must be voted upon by their governing board.  The ArCA governing board meeting did not occur until Saturday, August 29.  Therefore, as of August 29, 2015, Arkansas School Counselor Association (ArSCA) is no longer under the umbrella of Arkansas Counselor Association (ArCA).  

ArSCA is an organization comprised of school counselors who desire to improve the school counseling profession and support Arkansas students’ academic, personal/social and career development so they achieve success.  Throughout the years, there have been many serious issues that affected the school counseling profession and Arkansas students. ArSCA initiated advocacy.

Below are just a few recent areas in which ArSCA has represented you and the students of Arkansas:

  • Charter member of American School Counselors (ASCA) = 50 years of national representation
  • An established and ongoing relationship with ADE
  • Offering professional development designed for the school counseling profession
  • School counselor licensure addressed with Commissioner of Education (only ArSCA members present)
  • Spoke to legislature regarding testing concerns and their negative effect on Arkansas students (ArSCA members, Tawnya Shelton and Robin Finley)
  • Promoting school counseling at a regional level
  • Counselor listserv

Your ArSCA board consists of volunteers who are passionate about the school counseling profession and the students of Arkansas.  We pledge to make this time of transition as smooth and beneficial for you as you continue to guide your students.   If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me or any ArSCA board member. 

Tahnee Bowen 

2015-16 ArSCA President

ArSCA Transition Questions

On behalf of the ArSCA board, I want to thank you all for the outpouring of support shown during this transition time.  We have been receiving questions regarding membership, ArCA fall conference, and the listserv. This is in response to questions school counselors are having during this transition.


The listserv is run by ArSCA.  Therefore, if you are currently subscribed to the listserv, you will not be affected in anyway.  To assist school counselors during this time, we have opened the listserv to all school counselors until July 1, 2016.  The only requirement is that you are currently an active school counselor, a retired school counselor, or a student in a verified school counseling program.  If you wish to subscribe to the ArSCA listerv, you will need to submit the ArSCA membership form prior to subscribing (see membership link below).  To subscribe to the school counselor listserv click here.

Fall Conference

The Fall Conference is run by ArCA.  ArSCA is no longer affiliated with it in any way therefore, you will need to contact them.


This area has been the most asked about.  Some questions are as follows:

I’ve already joined ArCA, am I a member of ArSCA too?

No, but never fear!  You may join ArSCA as well by following the Membership Registration Form (link below).

Is there one membership form or two?

You have a choice.  ArSCA is independent; we will have our own membership card. You will receive a unique membership ID number and card once you complete the Membership Registration Form (link below).  We can only speak for the ArSCA membership process.

How much are ArSCA dues?

To accommodate school counselors, the board voted to change the ArSCA membership timeline to July 1 - June 30, which will be our fiscal year.   Your ArSCA board does not want any school counselor displaced.  As a result, all acting school counselors, retired school counselors, and students in a school counseling program may become ArSCA members.   Your membership will run Sept 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016.  All at NO COST! Yes, you read that correctly, there will not be a membership fee for the remaining time in this ArSCA fiscal year!  You will need to check with ArCA regarding their dues.  Information about the 2016-2017 membership will be available on the website by January 1, 2016.

How do I join ArSCA?

To become an ArSCA member and receive all the membership benefits, complete the Membership Registration Form.  But, we need your help. Spread the word to your counselor friends.  We want all school counselors across the state to be connected.  If you know a school counselor who has not subscribed to the listserv, please forward them this e-mail so they may reap the no cost benefits of being an ArSCA member.  Together, we are “One Vision - One Voice”.

On behalf of the 2015-2016 ArSCA Board,

Tahnee Bowen

2015-16 ArSCA President

2015 National School Counselor Week
School counselors met with Governor Hutchinson during National School Counselor Week February 2- 6, 2015.  

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Displaying ArSCA pic with Governor Hutchinson.jpg

Arkansas Department of Higher Education