To me, teaching is fun, and at the same time an essential part of academic life. I am Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the United Kingdom. 

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is based on the idea of Empowerment. Every student is different and has distinct, and very personal goals and motivations. Some are looking for tools to implement change as practitioners, others are eager to develop a career as researchers or seek to grow personally. 

The key to lecture such a diverse and challenging group is to involve students as much as possible. Students need to be aware that it is they themselves who are responsible to reach their own goals. In return, it is my task to direct them to the necessary tools to acquire the knowledge and skills they strive for.

This link directs you to a more encompassing statement about my teaching philosophy. 

Classes Taught

In my substantive classes, I designed and taught comparative courses on International Relations more broadly, but also on the creation and effect of institutions on decision making within international organisations. 

In addition to my substantive courses, I also have extensive experience in teaching methodology, covering diverse topics in quantitative and qualitative methods. 

Please follow this link to find a complete list of all classes. 


“The best seminar in the doctoral programme so far.”

“The seminar was overall very good and the best class I took at the University of Mannheim.”

“The effort necessary for the preparation was much too high. I invested more time in preparing the class than for all the other courses this term together. However, the teaching was great and the topic really interesting. I would immediately take another class with Dr. Arnold.”

“The professor is an excellent teacher. He is one of the few lecturers who at the same time is very sympathetic and can explain complex theories very well.”