Research Mission

The core interest of my research are international institutions. When and for what reason are they crafted? How do they affect decisions and policies? And what is their impact on politics and societies? 

I explicitly take account of the ever broader availability of data and our fast improvements in interpreting this evidence. Since our methods are the essential tools for research and therefore key in unveiling the social processes we seek to comprehend, their continuous development opens up exciting new opportunities.

My research furthers two goals. I contribute to the academic debate and the accumulation  of knowledge about international institutions. In addition, I also reach out to non-academic actors, generate policy advice and empower others in the implementation of change.

Ratification Rules and Cooperation

This project builds on a central theoretical insight: ratification rules cause important strategic incentives for international cooperation, because they determine how cooperation between states provides public goods. Given the central role of these thresholds, this project  investigates their role systematically.

A Micro-Perspective on the Endogenous Development of Cooperation

In International Relations, cooperation between states can be the result of important social and psychological processes at the individual level. I suggest a series of projects that all contribute to a better understanding of these mechanisms on the basis of careful conceptualisation and measurement of preferences at the micro level and the modelling of interaction between individuals.

Analysing Text-As-Data

Language –- be it spoken or written –- is a central transmission belt in politics. From the viewpoint of Political Science, the tremendous advances in measuring and modelling large amounts of text with quantitative approaches promises exciting new theoretical insights. I am therefore advancing a series of projects in this domain, answering substantive research questions, but also developing new methods for the analysis of text.