MSC Software
Military Standard Communications (MSC) software suite, also known as MARS Standard Communications software suite.  
(Member developed software, such as the MS-DMT software modem is provided below, scroll to the end of this page)

There is no readily available Amateur Radio software that is suitable for MARS members to perform the tasks under the current conditions required of the MARS program.  The MSC software listed here is provided by HQ Army MARS for use by MARS members, and is suitable to perform the tasks required of MARS members using surplus military data modems, commercially available MIL-STD data modems, and the MIL-STD Data Modem Terminal (MS-DMT) which utilizes a sound card interface.  Additionally, it processes the specific Allied Communications Procedures (ACP), and the data and information products required of the MARS programs.   

MSC differs from previous MARS software in that it employs a modular concept and standardized applications interface that is intended to manage change and evolution over the long term, as well as minimize the impact of software patches, updates, bug fixes, etc.  A MARS member, once trained to utilize the basic MSC package can easily evolve into intermediate and advanced capabilities without retraining simply by incorporating additional modules to their software package.  Changes in procedures or protocols are managed by simply changing templates and configuration files.   MSC also facilitates disposable "Mission Modules", which are unique applications that may be quickly added or removed as required - allowing MARS to quickly reconfigure to new mission requirements.  

MSC is designed to manage distinctly different functions at different layers:
  • the data, whether it is simply text, or more complex data information products that must be sorted and aggregated.  This includes "Mission Modules" such as Response Collector.
  • the network, including communications protocols utilized on the network, procedures utilized for forwarding traffic across several nodes, and the identification of end users.
  • the radio circuit, including data encryption, error checking, identification of the sending and receiving node, and associated interfaces to data communications equipment.
Source code for an example terminal application and radio modem interface is included the folders below and is sufficient for MARS members with QT programming skill to create custom software that augments and enhances the software suite.   QTStyle Sheets are available below, and provide examples for how MARS members may customize the graphical user interface to their individual preference.

The current version of the MSC Suite and status of the individual applications is listed below.  For most members, the main MSC suite installer is sufficient to perform the required tasks associated with MARS membership and updates are-not necessary.  Individual applications updates contain bug fixes and feature enhancements requested from the MARS community.  In general, while these updates represent incremental improvements, they are not critical.  MARS members may utilize these updates on their systems at their own discretion.
  • Beta Software is available in the beta folder which can be found in the specific application's folder.  Go to Applications Updates.
  • A new Software Distribution Passphrase list is available.  This has been distributed through AMARS and AFMARS leadership.
This software is intended for privately owned Information Systems, or stand alone Information Systems.  A Certificate of Net-worthiness (CON) and certification through the DoD Risk Management Framework, (RMF) is not required for this application.  To protective sensitive operational information, the software packages are encrypted.  Most software intended for MARS members requires DoD Encryption Wizard and the appropriate passphrase.  

No warranty or suitability for any purpose is intended or implied.  Use at your own risk.

MSC Download Folders

MARS Member Developed Software
The folders below are owned by the named software developer and links are provided here as a single distribution point for the convenience of MARS and Amateur Radio community.  This software is developed by individual citizen volunteers from within the MARS community, is the property of the respective, named developer, and is offered to the MARS and/or Amateur Radio community under license granted by the individual developer.  This software may be modified, removed from this archive, or license revoked at any time without notice, at the discretion of the owner.  Conditions of each license may vary.  All questions or feedback concerning the below software should be directed to the named software developer.  

Although individual MARS member software developers are encouraged to utilize the applications interface utilized in the MSC software, some choose not to incorporate the interface.  MARS Member Developed Software may or may not utilize the MSC applications interface described above, be compatible or suitable for use with other MSC suite software, at the discretion of the individual developer.  MARS members are cautioned that the software provided below may not work, or may only partially work with MSC applications or Mission Modules.  Please direct all questions regarding suitability to the named, individual developer.

The software below is a product of a private individual, it DOES NOT have a Certificate of Net-worthiness (CON) and is not certified through the DoD Risk Management Framework, (RMF).  To protective sensitive operational information, the software packages are encrypted.  Most software intended for MARS members requires DoD Encryption Wizard and the appropriate passphrase.  

No warranty or suitability for any purpose is intended or implied.  Use at your own risk.