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Application to Join Army MARS


Applicants must use the electronic form and submit through email.

Membership applications are available at the bottom of this page for download. 

Prospective Members,  WARNING!

Army MARS (AMARS) isn't easy.

AMARS expects prospective members to be able to perform complex tasks using a personal computer.  Completing a PDF form is well within the expected skill level.  Individuals who are unable to digest the instructions and submit the application form are not likely to complete training and become successful MARS members.

Prospective members are also expected to operate and maintain communications systems that are capable of transmitting and receiving effectively through the entire High Frequency (HF) radio spectrum, utilizing both voice and Military Standard (MIL-STD) data modes, and must be capable of installing and maintaining the associated software, encryption keys, operating systems, and microprocessor hardware without assistance

Amateur Radio operators who lack experience operating and maintaining effective HF radio systems should not apply.
  Prospective members who lack this experience should work within the Amateur Radio service to establish the understanding, skills, and experiences necessary to operate and maintain an effective HF radio system before applying for AMARS.

AMARS members are required to sign a membership agreement, adhere to operational security and privacy rules, and protect sensitive information.   AMARS members will be expected to meet minimum performance standards which include calling HF radio nets according to prescribed procedures, selecting appropriate HF radio frequencies and antenna systems for network operation based on the time of day and area of operation, drafting, sending and relaying messages in prescribed formats, loading and updating encryption keys, and maintaining specialized software systems. 

MARS members are not paid, are not provided any form of material support such as radio equipment or government surplus, and are expected to donate their time and use of their radio stations for the service of the United States.  MARS members may be asked to serve during times of crisis, when their community and personal situation is affected by a complex catastrophe. 

Operating as a MARS member is a rewarding and challenging activity in which citizens take part in solving complex communications problems in extraordinary situations that are not solved by other departments of the United States Government.   Through experience training and exercising, MARS members become the Subject Matter Experts in HF radio communications.  Teamwork is the foundation to success in AMARS, and taking on challenges is what we do.  MARS members develop a high level of camaraderie, and most find lifelong friends in the MARS service.   While MARS membership is not easy, we hope you accept the challenge to serve the United States by becoming a Army MARS member.  Learn about what the MARS community is doing by checking us out on Facebook.

More information about Army MARS is available in AM-1, This Is Army MARS which is available for download under the Resources/Army MARS (AM) Manuals area of this website.


The Application isPDF form that you complete on your computer.  The form features an email submit button at the end of the form.  Clicking the submit button at the end of the form will open your email client and attach the form to a new email addressed to HQ Army MARS, Ft Huachuca Az.  To ensure proper routing of the form, do not modify the email address or subject line.  If you change the email address or subject line on the email your application will not be forwarded for processing.

The use of digital signatures is encouraged, however not required at this time.  Adobe Reader X also provide for "ink signatures" using the mouse. 

Instructions for each field can be revealed by holding the mouse cursor over the form field.

These forms work best when they are downloaded and read with Adobe Reader XThe form fields may not be edited if the form is opened in a web browser window.

Processing time is normally not more than 5 working days.  If you are not contacted about your application in 5 working days, please Contact Us.


Applicants must use the electronic form and submit through email.

The application form normally pre-fills the email address and subject line in to  your email program after pressing the "submit" button on the form.  If you are having difficulty with the email address, email the completed form to julie.a.vanderdasson.ctr@mail.mil at HQ Army MARS, Ft Huacucha Az. 

Submit membership forms only to HQ Army MARS, Ft Huachuca Az. 
Do Not send application forms to any MARS member, State or Region Director or officer.

Use AMARS Form 1 for:
  • New Member Applications (individual membership is the only AMARS membership type.  Auxiliary, Agency and Military MARS membership types are discontinued in accordance with Army Regulation 25-6)
  • Renew your Individual MARS membership.
  • Transfer from one Army MARS region to another.
  • Modifications, such as change of address, email, or telephone.
Download Form 1 below...