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Hello! And thank you for taking the time to visit my Career ePortfolio.

My name is Arlo Corbin Shaver. I am a northern Louisiana native. At this creation, I was a non-traditional student at Bossier Parrish Community College working toward completing my Associate of Applied Science in Information Network Security Specialist degree. I have a diverse technical career driven with ambition.  I will briefly go over areas of my professional experiences that have been important in my professional development.

At a young age I developed a passion for working with computers. During my adolescent years of education I joined Future Business Leaders of America, where I excelled in Computer Programming and Accounting. Additionally, I participated in State level competition for both of these categories.

By joining the US Navy, I found educational opportunity and development by way of their US Navy Advanced Electronics Field division. The US Navy provided me training and experience in electronics I would rate second to none along with personal strengths. Following the US Navy, I returned home to Louisiana and filled various laborer positions that left me unsatisfied, but did provide experience of a sort.

My first computer job was with a local small town company. The two owners were former IBM technicians, whom advised me that I had a knack with computers and suggested computer aided drafting as a career option. They were right.

I found a drafting company that gave me a shot. I had no experience and a ton of determination. I worked as a receptionist and took up AutoCAD in my spare time. I was certified and leading projects within months of starting. I found it enjoyable and self-rewarding to excel in this field; but never considered it as a set career path.

My entrepreneurial spirit won over and after a year with the drafting company, I left to join a colleague in a new business venture to open an internet café. Offering repair services and setting up the café user system was personally rewarding. This endeavor, though short lived, was most certainly an insightful learning experience for me.


Thereafter, I began working with a local computer shop and obtained my first technical certification:  CompTIA A+. I worked there for roughly two years before its closing.


Afterwards, I began pursuing freelance work as a private contractor. Even though the market area left little room for profits, determination and loving what I do kept me going for a few more years. During this time, I gained important industry contacts and experience that benefited me in getting hired by IBM.

I worked at IBM as a regional field service technician for four years. I enjoyed working on new and old technology. I serviced many server varieties including AS/400 iSeries, xSeries, nSeries, pSeries, and BladeCenter systems; along with peripherals including tape systems. Being a regional technician my duties would also include Point of Sale, ATM kiosks, self-checkouts, printers and participated as a Cisco Partner Service Representative.

Today, I press on with the same determination and passion that has driven me from the beginning. My personal ability to work through difficult times, and ambition to create opportunity and excel, is an asset I bring with me into every endeavor I undertake. My enrollment with Bossier Parish Community College was a success. I completed the 21 class degree program in three semesters with a 3.9 GPA. I currently work with Centurylink as a Network Engineer. My roll as a Network Engineer is reviewing, planning and implementing national network design changes to customer access equipment.


Thank you again for taking the time to visit and learn more about me. I have provided links to my Resume, Certifications, Academic Transcript, and References; also leave a Comment or Contact Me.


Arlo Corbin Shaver

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