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Parents Night Out - Friday, March 27, 2020

posted Mar 10, 2017, 5:10 PM by Kelly Sexton   [ updated Mar 6, 2020, 2:25 PM by Thomas Blakeman ]


See you there!

Arlington Angels

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Parents Night Out?

A: Parents Night Out is a babysitting service where you can drop your kids off at the Woodmont Center: 2422 North Fillmore Street    Arlington Va.  22207 for the evening with the Arlington Angels gymnastics team and coaches while you enjoy a night out.

Q: I’m in! How do I sign up?

A: Just fill out the registration form online.  Sign up now so that we know how many coaches and helpers (and pizzas!) we need; pay when you check in.

Q: What happens at Parents Night Out?

A: There will be plenty of activities for your kids to choose from at Parents Night Out.  We’ll have some quieter activities like coloring and board/card games and we’ll show a movie a bit later in the evening.  We’ll have food of course, but the highlight of the evening will be the Gymnastics party led by the coaches, just like at birthday parties held at the Y.  It will amuse your kids and let them get some energy out!

Q: What kind of food will you have?

A: We will provide plain cheese pizza, fruit and veggie trays, drinks (water and lemonade) and dessert.

Q: What if my kid has allergies?

A: We will absolutely make sure that they are taken care of.  Just indicate your child’s restrictions on the registration form and we’ll make sure to give them an awesome sticker at check-in to help us identify them and keep them safe.  We just ask that you also bring some sort of snack that they can have in a bag labeled with their name.  We will only provide nut-free foods in order to avoid the most common allergies.

Q: Who will be running this event?

A: The Arlington Angels team coaches will be in charge and they will have our advanced team members and a few team parents on hand to help.

Q: Who can come to this awesome event?

A: Any kid that is at least three years old and potty trained is more than welcome!  Tell your neighbors!  Tell your friends!  Tell your neighbors’ friends!

Q: What if I’m not a member/program member of the YMCA?

A: No problem!  We are glad to have anyone who is interested.  If your kid isn’t currently enrolled in a YMCA class or your family isn’t a member of the YMCA then we’ll need you to fill out a short waiver form when you arrive.

Q: What does my kid need to bring?

A: Kids just need to show up dressed in comfortable clothing, preferably without zippers or any adornment - their smiles will be all the glitter that’s needed!  We’d encourage you to leave stuffies, blankets, toys, etc. at home so that there is no chance of misplacing anything.  

Q: What does this fundraiser support?

A: The Arlington Angels!!  If you’ve never gotten a chance to see our girls practicing or at a local meet, you may not realize that we’ve got some really solid talent at this gym.  Every year we have a large number of our girls qualify to go to States, Regionals, and Nationals, but not every girl can actually afford to make the trip.  It is our goal that every girl who qualifies can go and show the world why we’re so proud of them.  Proceeds from Parents Night Out will go towards supporting our girls in their efforts to represent the Arlington YMCA.

Q: How do I sign up?