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Legal Services

Doctor of Laws Ari-Matti Nuutila Law Office offers legal services in all areas of law and with special expertise and emphasis on criminal law, procedural law and European Law (EU Law and ECHR). I work in Swedish, Finnish, English and German. The firm is located near Malmö on the southern coast of Sweden in Skanör, but offers services to all of Sweden, Finland and other countries. 

My typical services are

1) Vocational training to qualified officers at, e.g., Police, Prosecution, Customs and the Courts administration;
2) Academic education in criminal law and procedural law at universities;
3) Consulting services and expert advice to companies and law firms; and
4) Legal assistance and representation to parties in proceedings in criminal and civil cases. 

Typically my assignments concern international corruption, money laundering, tax crimes, bankruptcy crimes, environmental crimes, book keeping crimes, immaterial rights, labour offences, and in general application of domestic Criminal Law to offences committed abroad. Also, assignments concerning the administrative and European law issues are accepted.

My lawyer's degree is from Finland and post graduate studies from Finland, Scandinavia, Germany and the USA. I am very familiar with the Finnish, Swedish, German and U.S. criminal justice system, as I have been living and working in these countries for several years. I have previously been a professor of criminal justice in Finland for 11 years, and served two years as a researcher and professor in Germany and the USA. I graduated as Master of Laws (OTK) in 1987, Licentiate of Laws (OTL) in 1992 and Doctor of Laws (OTT) in 1997. 

The Legal Counsellor Board has granted me the right to act as a lecal counsel and legal assistance in Courts of Law in Finland.

Contact information

Doctor of Laws Ari-Matti Nuutila Law Office
Address: Plogvägen 46, 239 31 Skanör, Sweden
Tel.: +46 70 87 77 551
VAT-number (EU): SE621011465501