About me

Ari-Matti Nuutila

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I am originally a Finnish lawyer and Professor of criminal justice. I began my legal career in the late 1980's in Finland as a district prosecutor. After about two years I returned to Turku University to continue my studies in criminal justice as a post-graduate student. During that time I was also a visiting researcher in 19921993 in Germany at the Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches und Internationales Strafrecht. My main area of interest was the general part of criminal law. I graduated as Doctor of Laws in Finland in 1997 with my PhD thesis "Criminal Negligence". After that I worked as an assistant professor and professor of criminal and procedural law at the Universities of Turku and Helsinki in 1996-2008. I also worked in 2001 at the University of Louisville (Kentucky, USA). 

Since 2008 I have lived and had my Law Firm in Skanör in southern Sweden. My interests focus increasingly on international corruption, money laundering, tax crimes, bankruptcy crimes, environmental crimes, book keeping crimes, immaterial rights, labour offences, and in general application of domestic Criminal Law to offences committed abroad. 

Besides university and research work, I have taken part in legislative work at the Finnish Ministry of Justice and the Finnish Parliament as well as the European Commission. I have given several courses as an external expert for OSCE and have acted as legal expert for the United Nations (UNODC and UNICRI). I have also delivered vocational training in several countries for judges, prosecutors, lawyers, police, customs, etc. I take part in some research projects in European and international criminal law.

My publications consists of five own monographs, eight joint monographs and 61 articles in scientific journals. They have been published in English, Finnish, Swedish, German and Russian. I have lectured for students in English, Finnish and Swedish. Also my professional training for practitioners has been in English, Finnish and Swedish.

My Law Firm consults and gives expert statements primarily in international criminal law. In addition, the Firm has provided compliance programs for companies in order for them to avoid corporate criminal liability in the future. The Legal Counsellor Board has granted me the right to act as a legal counsel and legal assistance in Courts of Law in Finland.