Who Could Say No?

Who Could Say No?

Lyrics © 2008 by Archie Brodsky and Vicki Rowland

[Honorable Mention, Song of the Year, June 2008 contest]


VERSE 1         Let’s meet at Flapjack Heaven Sunday morning

                        It’s the one with the blue and yellow awning

                        Not exactly a date place

                        But it’s the right pace

                        To share a bite; we can keep it light


CHORUS 1     Who could say no to pancakes?

                        Who could say no to the Waffle of the Week?

                        Who could say no to the syrup

                        That tickles our throats when we speak?

                        The booth is cozy, the coffee’s hot               

                        I could sit here all day

                        But when you say it’s time to go

                        [one-line pause]

                        Who could say no?


VERSE 2         We meet again for ice cream by the beach

                        You have vanilla; I have chocolate peach

                        Funny how a waffle cone

                        Can set the tone

                        For a day at the shore; who could ask for more?


CHORUS 2     Who could say no to the boardwalk?

                        Who could say no to the tide crashing in?

                        Who could say no to the sand in your hair

                        And sunlight dancing on your skin?

                        The waves are inviting; shall we go in?

                        Here, hold my hand

                        We might ride the ebb and flow

                        Or fight the undertow

                        Oh, who could say no?


BRIDGE         Oh, have I mentioned that mischief in your eye?

                        You know, you really make it hard for a guy

                        To say no


CHORUS 3     Yeah, who could say no to pancakes?

                        Who could say no to waffles and ice cream?

                        Who could say no to breakfast at your place

                        Where morning feels like a dream?

                        Candles on the table, dishes in the sink

                        Last night lingers

                        'Cause when I said, “Let’s take it slow”

                        But your eyes flashed “Go!”

                        Who could say no?