The Condemned Man's Last Meal

Lyrics © 2006 by Archie Brodsky


Top 5 Winner in Lyric Writing, Great American Song Contest (2004)

3rd Prize Winner (Lyrics Only), Unisong International Song Contest (2005)


(ballad for male voice)


VERSE 1         We’re sitting here together

                        The restaurant’s dry and warm

                        But red-brick walls can’t save me

                        From the coming storm

                        Raindrops pound the windows

                        A drumbeat I can feel

                        It’s the perfect place

                        For the condemned man’s last meal


VERSE 2         Candles grace the table

                        And I catch a whiff of spice

                        But your sweet consideration

                        Feels as warm as ice

                        We’ve nearly reached this point before

                        But this time it’s for real

                        The table’s set

                        For the condemned man’s last meal


BRIDGE         Tell me how I’ve wronged you, yell and call me names

                        You’re being too polite

                        I see your cold expression, your look of self-possession

                        And I lose my appetite


VERSE 3         I know what you’ll be serving up

                        With our after-dinner drinks

                        I guess we’re both too weary

                        Of living on the brink

                        We’ve had so many troubles

                        Too many wounds to heal

                        Oh, here’s the waiter

                        With the condemned man’s last meal