A Certain Kind of Love Song

A Certain Kind of Love Song

Lyrics © 2008 by Archie Brodsky and Vicki Rowland


[Third Place, American Songwriter Lyric Contest, Jan-Feb. 2007]


(ballad or mid-tempo with bittersweet lilt)



VERSE 1         There’s a certain kind of love song

                        They play on wedding days

                        It speaks of true devotion

                        In trusty old clichés

                        They swear to love forever

                        To me it sounds naive

                        How they know their future

                        I really can’t believe

                        Forever’s more than this boy can conceive


VERSE 2         There’s a certain kind of man

                        I was never meant to be

                        The kind that is so certain

                        Of things he cannot see

                        He spends his lifetime building

                        Houses made of sand

                        How they keep from crumbling

                        I just don’t understand

                        I must have been left out of some great plan


BRIDGE         What would it take to pledge my love forever?

                        How would I know what tomorrow and tomorrow

                                    and tomorrow might bring?

                        Would time betray the memory

                        Of the words I’d dared to sing?


VERSE 3         There’s a certain kind of woman

                        She sings of bells in June

                        But I just can’t keep that rhythm

                        I play a different tune

                        There’s a certain kind of love song

                        I’ll never get to write

                        Guess I’ll always sing of passions

                        That vanish in the night

                        I’ll sing of promise fading out of sight