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Non-Student Membe
rs Always Welcome!
(Must be ove
r the age of 18 non-students)

Finished for Summer

That's it for another year. Thanks to all our members for making this year yet another amazing one here at the UL Archery Club.

Best of luck to all our members in their exams and we hope to see you all again next year. 

Dates for the Diary

The inter-varsity dates for the 2017/2018 student archery season have now been confirmed. UL aim to attend all of them. So come along to training and make sure you are ready for this years season.

Round 1: DKIT November 11th
Round 2: DCU November 25th
Round 3: UL February 11th
Round 4: GMIT March 10th & 11th
Round 5: NUIG March 24th

Student Nationals: UCC February 24th-25th

New Committee

I would like o congratulate the new committee on there election at this weeks AGM. The new committee members are, and I'm sure they will all do a good job.

President  -  Luke Blake

Captain  -  Luke Vickery 

Treasurer  -  Charlie McGreevy

Equipment Officer  -  Padhraic Dunne

Secretary  -   Liam Higgins 

P.R.O.  -   Clare Coleman 

First Year Rep  -   Sylvia Chapman Kent

Safety Officer  -  Keith Coughlan 

Finished for Summer

Well Tonight will see the end of training for another year at UL Archery. This will be the last training that several of our older members will be attending as they are graduating this year. So make sure to come say good bye. 

The Committee of UL Archery would also like to wish all of our members best of luck in the exams, and that you all have a good summer.

Closed over Easter

There will be no archery training taking place over the Easter holidays. The week after Easter will also be our final week of training, so make sure to submit your scores for the Masters or Apprentice League as this will be your final chance.

Back from Christmas

Unfortunately the Christmas holidays are over now so its time to get back to student life of exams and projects. But it also means its time to kickoff another semester of archery, so make sure to come on down Monday and dust off that bow. Our first competition will be on the 5th of February so it wont be too long.

Finished for Christmas

Well its that time of the year again. The last training of the semester will be on Wednesday of week 12, where we will be holding a baking competition, with the winner walking a away with a trophy.

However as archery is also shutting for the semester it must also mean its time for exams to start again. The committee would like to wish all of our archers the best of luck in their exams and we hope to see you when we are back after the Christmas holidays in January.

Pro-Am Competition

Well with the beginner course now complete, it was time for our annual Pro-Am competition. Where one of our senior archers team up with a group of four new beginners with the. Everyone then shot 30 arrows each, with the final scores added together, with a prize going to the top team and the best two beginners getting a cinema ticket each. The winning team, was Luke Blake,  Luke Vickery, Mark Lee, Chloe Kelly and Matthew Fox. With Luke Vickery coming first in the beginner competition and Luis Jacome coming second.

Table Quiz

Its time for UL Archery's annual quiz, this will be taking place on the Tuesday of week 6 at 7:30 in the Sports Bar. There will be 8 rounds of 10 questions, with many categories covered ranging from history to Father Ted.

Dates for the Diary

The inter-varsity dates for the 2016/2017 student archery season have now been confirmed. UL aim to attend all of them. So come along to training and make sure you are ready for this years season. The Student open is still to be confirmed, however it looks likely to happen sometime in the second semester. We have not yet been told if we are shooting on either the Saturday or Sunday in Carlow and Maynooth.

Round 1: DCU November 12th
Round 2: MU November 19th/20th
Round 3: ITC February 4th/5th
Round 4: UCD February 18th
Round 5: ITT March 11th
Student Nationals: UCC February 25th-26th
Student Open: NUIG TBC

New Committee

I would like o congratulate the new committee on there election at this weeks AGM. The new committee members are, and Im sure they will all do a good job.

President  -  Luke Blake

Captain  -  Liam Higgins

Treasurer  -  Frank Stafford

Equipment Officer  -  Devon Long

Secretary  -   Aisling O'Rourke

P.R.O.  -   Conor O'Brien

First Year Rep  -   Maria Borck

Safety Officer  -  Karen Power

Recruitment Drive

The recruitment drive is on this Wednesday in the Arena sports hall. UL Archery will have a stand at the drive, as well as an archery display in the bottom corner of the hall. We will be starting a beginners course next Wednesday, and you can sign up for one of the three time slots, 7:30-8:30, 8:30-9:30 or 9:30-10:30. So why not come on over and give archery a shot.

We are Back!!

Well its that time of the year again, the dust is being swept off chairs and college is gearing up for another year. That also means that the PESS will be opening up again and archery training will be kicking off again on Monday of week one. Hope to see you all there. For any new members who wish to join, we will be starting a beginner course next Wednesday. Sign up will be at the clubs and societies recruitment drive. Our AGM will take place this Tuesday in SG15 and will start at 7 O'Clock.

Another Year Over

Well another year has drawn to close, we had a great year and competed in some brilliant intervarsity's and other competitions, and many of our members have gained very good experience. Its also the time of the year for the annual archery dinner which this year will be held at Brimstone bar and grill next Tuesday at 7:30. The Master Apprentice league shields will also be presented then, with the Apprentice shield going to Liam Higgins and the Masters shield going to Devon Long. So we hope you can come join us and call and to a great year and enjoy some brilliant food (their burgers are excellent).

Easter Break
Training will be cancelled until Wednesday of week 9 as the hall will not be open over Easter. In the mean time we wish you all a happy Easter.

Second Semester Start and Recruitment Drive

Hope everyone's christmas was good and you got loads of present, mince pies and Christmas pudding. We will be back training this Monday at the usual time of 10:30 so come on down and work off those mince pies.

Happy Christmas

UL archery would like to congratulate all our members on a great season, and we wish you all the best of luck in your exams. Also remember to keep your Christmas cookies safe from visitors, Garfield has come up with 1 way.

UL Intervarsity

So our intervarsity is just over and everyone is very tired after the long weekend. The weekend went very well with UL,GMIT, NUIG, UCC, UCD, DIT and ITT shooting on the Saturday, with DCU, DKIT and CIT shooting on the Sunday with the rest of the people taking part in our fun shoot. If you couldn't come this weekend don't worry there will be plenty of other other competitions this year, so hopefully you can make it to them. Here are some pictures of all the happy archers from this weekend.

Some Dates for Your Diary

So after weeks of anticipation the dates for the intervarsities this year have been finalized. So here are some dates for your diary to make sure you don't miss out on anything.

UL  7th November 2015

DKIT 21st Novmber 2015

GMIT 13th February 2016

DCU 27th February 2016

NUIG 12th March 2016

There will also be the student nationals on the 7th of February and several other Archery Ireland shoots but dates and locations for these have not yet been decided.

AGM and New Committee 

Well the AGM is over now and we have a new committee elected.

President: Frank Stafford

Captain: Luke Blake

Treasurer: Eoin Hartigan

Secretary: Ciara Fergus

PRO: Emily Kelly

Equipment Officer: Sean Sinnot

Safety Officer: Paul Collins

First year rep: Clodagh O'Mahony

Archery Ireland Rep: John Hally

Everyone Ready for the New Season

So its that time of the year again, college is starting and its time to get back into studying and projects. But its not all bad news it also means that its time to start another season of fun, adventures and maybe some shooting thrown in as well. Training will be starting on Monday at the usual time of 8:30PM till 10:30, so make sure to call down and start training for this season and catch up after the summer. In other news the archery clubs AGM will be taking place next Thursday in KBG14 where a new committee will be elected.

What an Unbelievable Day of Shooting everyone at the GMIT/NUIM Intervarsity !!

Congratulations to Sean Curtin not only for winning the Male Recurve but for scoring above 550 (554 his score) in an IV achieving the yellow ISAA badge which has not been won by many people .... the Success continued with Ciara Fergus winning the Female Beginner League with a massive 457 and Gabriel Negrelli being picked at the most after tying for First Place in the Male Beginner Recurve when he had a fewer amount of 10's placing him 2nd !! This lead to the UL Recurve Team coming an Overall 2nd with 2000 points and missing out on first by only 5 points !! Well Done to Everyone .... Time to Train and Win this Intervarsity League next Month !!

Paul Collins's photo.

Another Badge Achieved!

We congratulate Sean Sinnott for breaking 400 on a 40 face at NUIG intervarsity.

Best of Luck to everyone going tomorrow to NUIG !! Do us proud!

Beginners Training starts again so get your coaching hats on!!

From Monday the 9h of Feb at 9:30 pm

Recruitment Drive is on Feburary 3rd in the Foundation Building 6-8pm! All Welcome to Help !!!!!

We look forward to welcoming new members to the club.

Jersey Time

Ok! Here's the final design of the jersey, everyone happy with it??

Alannah Redington's photo.

The Plans for the Year Ahead

We have 5 big competitions occurring this semester including our own Intervarsity which will be held in the Kingfisher, Galway. Event details will be discussed at training as usual but to keep the following dates free in your calendar: 

DKIT (Dundalk) IV Final -  21st March 2015 

Student Indoors National  - 21st Feb 2015

NUI Galway IV - 7th Feb 2015

NUIM/GMIT Joint IV - 28th Feb 2015

UL Intervarsity  - 14th March 2015

Semester 1 Update 2014

On behalf of the UL Archery Committee I would like to welcome back all of our dedicated archers this year and also extend a huge welcome to all of the new beginners this semester. 

The club got off to an amazing start this semester with a huge number of beginners enthusiastically signing on to be a part of the team. Under the watchful eyes of our more experienced archers, the beginners are really improving and are well equipped to tackle their first opportunity for a competition on the 22nd of November in DCU. I hope as many beginners as possible take on this opportunity as there is nothing like the buzz of a competition and the fun of getting to know archers from other clubs. The atmosphere and banter really is something special to experience and what better way to really test how far you’ve come than to shoot in such a friendly environment with that touch of competitive attitude. 

Beginners are also welcome to shoot in the Pro-Am coming up shortly in Week 7. The beginners get to team up with a more experienced archer and really test themselves at shooting the full 18-metre distance. Each team gets to shoot 10 rounds of 3 arrows, and the team with the most points at the end of it all gets a lovely prize of chocolate, so lots of motivation there! 

I am delighted to announce that the UL Archery Club has the privilege of hosting the Irish Indoor Open for the very first time this year in our very own Arena. As the biggest competition in Ireland for the sport this is a huge undertaking with archers from all over Ireland and indeed international archers as well swarming to our campus in the hopes of bringing home one (or more) of those elusive medals. The Irish Indoor Open is being held on the 1st and 2nd of November so only a few more weeks to train, train, train! 

Our facebook page is public for all new beginners to join, which I highly recommend as many updates about trainings and competitions are posted there and it is often the used medium for suggesting social outings to encourage team bonding! I hope everyone has enjoyed their first few weeks of college and are eager to continue training and improving in our club.

 Maria Dunne (Pro 2014)

Archery Ireland Irish Open 2014

Promo Video:


Online Entry Now Open:

Masters/Juniors/Cadets/Youths - 

Seniors (and Masters/Juniors if you want to shoot in the senior category as well) -


Club Hosts: University of Limerick Archery Club
Event Title: Irish Open 2014

Event Format:
Saturday Morning: Masters, Juniors, Cadets and Youths 18m 60 arrow ranking round followed by head to heads.

Saturday Evening: Senior 18m 60 arrow ranking round. 

*Note: Masters, Juniors and Cadets may participate in the Senior Category as well. They must shoot a second qualifying session in the evening, which will count towards the Seniors championships. Please enter details in both online entry forms if you wish to do so.*

Sunday Morning: Senior head to heads

Sunday Evening: Team rounds

Event Categories: Masters, Seniors, Cadets, Youths, Juniors, Recurve, compound and barebow, male and female

Event Dates:
1st and 2nd November 2014, Saturday and Sunday.

Event Fees:
Master/Senior: €25
Junior/Cadet/Youth: €15
Master Both Days: €30
Junior/Cadet Both Days: €20


Practice and Registration:
Practise Butts will be available from 8.30am onwards. They will be in the main arena but positioned in a separate zone away from the competition area. 
Registration will be open from 8.30am in the main arena hall once you go through reception.

Equipment Inspection:
Saturday Morning: Between 9.10 and 9.20am
Saturday Evening: Between 2.30 and 3.00pm

Start Shooting:
Saturday Morning: 9.30am
Saturday Evening: 3.00pm* (* if a second group of 60 arrows is required it will commence at 6.00pm)
Sunday Morning: 9:30am

Proposed Event Finish:
Sunday, 2nd November 5.00pm

Event Address:
UL Sport Arena, University of Limerick, Castletroy, Limerick

*IMPORTANT*: No Food or Drink allowed in the Venue

Event GPS:
Latitude: 52.672986 Longitude: -8.565736

Event Enquiry Details:

Name: Thomas Brouder or John Hally
Any Queries: ularchery@gmail.com - entries only accepted using link below, please don't email entry. 
Telephone: (087)9200521 or (085)1280606

Entrants Details Required:

Masters/Juniors/Cadets/Youths - 

Seniors (and Masters/Juniors if you want to shoot in the senior category as well) -

Payment Methods:
Cash on the day please to be paid at registration. If you are unable to attend after placing entry please notify organisers before the event or entry fee must be payed.

Entries Opening Date Wednesday, 1st October 2014
Entries Closing Date Friday, 21st October 2014

Castletroy Park Hotel:
T. +353 61 335566

Kilmurry Lodge Hotel:
T. +353 61 331133

Travelodge Castletroy Hotel:
T. +353 61 603500

Castle Moor B&B:
T. +353 61 330789

Blackberry Way B&B:
T. +353 61 336262

Sandvilla B&B:
T. +353 61 336484

Best of Luck In Exams

Can you actually believe that another college year is already over !

After 24 strong weeks of training and many archery competitions I can willingly say what a brilliant year it has been for the University of Limerick Archery Club. We overcame many challenges in the past year but as a team we grew even stronger and as a result we secured 2nd place in the recurve League.

I know it's not 1st place but you know what, we're only testing the other college's because I know for a fact that next year will be for once and for all our year as Champions !

Best of Luck to all doing there exams and see you next September. 

Start of Outdoor Season - Leinster

The Second shoot in the All Ireland Outdoor National Series 2014 is taking place on the 26 & 27th April 2014 in Athboy Archery Club county Meath. 

Not many students get to experience outdoor shooting because it's during the summer but the club is always heavily involved and encourage as many as possible to come along. It's a completely different atmosphere which creates the excitement. At the moment Michael O'Callaghan and Frank Stafford are representing the club at the competition and if you ave interested in going Let Us Know !! 

Archery Dinner

Did someone say Food ??!!

Yes, I'm glad to announce the annual archery dinner has been booked for the 25th of April in "Le Chocolat" for 7.30pm

For those of you who don't know about the archery dinner, it's generally the final night out of the academic yeaas a team, where we get all fancy and dress up, head out to a restaurant where we stand out due to been so famous (archery team on tour), present the Master and Apprentice Shields and then go out for a few drinks!

It's generally a night not to be missed so I hope to see you all kitted out and looking pretty swanky on the 25th!

Thank You !

A massive thank you must go out to all the club members who helped out so much at the weekend. What a weekend of archery to remember!

It has to be said that it was one of the Most Successful and Well Run Archery Events in the whole of Ireland. The president of Archery Ireland even made a guest apperance and credited us on our work. So everyone should give themselves a old tap on the back.  

And to top it all off a massive congratulations to the UL recurve team who came second in the League. With only 29 points behind DCU we believed we could catch them and finally win but on the day we were unfortunately untriumphant. 

UL Intervarsity Finals

It's the Final Countdown !

On the 15th of April it's our turn to hold the Intervarsity's but not just any intervarsity, the Intervarsity Finals !!!!!
With the biggest competition of the year comes a lot of responsibilities so we need all hands on deck Friday and Saturday. Jobs will be assigned throughout the coming weeks so please stay organised with your college work. 

Over 200 archers will be descending on the UL Arena so we need a lot of people to keep the show going. If you know of people willing to help, great, bring them along and if you can't make it make sure you let us know please.

Among all that train your hearts out recurve team! With only 29 points behind DCU it appears like it's going to be an interesting Finale to be crowned champions!

All archers interesting in shooting don't forget to give your name to John at training.

Indoor Nationals

Well done to the lads that represented the club in the Indoor Nationals above in athboy archery club in Trim on the 1st & 2nd Mavch. With the best archers in Ireland on show it was a tough day in the office for the team. Sean Curtin and John Hally showed a strong performance in their head to heads but were narrowly knocked out and the team heads to heads just missed out on a semi-final spot by 2 points.

The quality of archery in the club is improving everyday and we will have an interesting finish to the year as a result.

Student Indoor Nationals Results

Congratulations to everyone that headed down to Nemo rangers at the weekend. A great day out was easily said to be had. Well done to all our medal winners and beginner archers achieving their ISAA pins also. All well deserved from all the effort put in at training.

National student Indoor Championship

The Student National Indoor Championship is being hosted by UCC on the 15th & 16th February 2014 in Nemo rangers. It's a two day event so we will need to stay down in Cork for the night. 

The student indoor nationals is always an exciting event because of the head to heads and the team rounds which only happen once in the student calender. We encourage all members to try an come along for the weekend. Details will be discussed at training in the coming week.    

A Busy Semester Ahead

We have 6 big competitions occurring this semester including our own Intervarsity. Event details will be discussed at training as usual but to keep the following dates free in your calendar: 

DKIT (Dundalk) IV - 4th Feb 2014 

Student Indoors National  - 15th & 16th Feb 2014

NUI Galway IV - 22nd Feb 2014

Indoor Nationals - 1st & 2nd March 2014

NUIM/GMIT Joint IV - 8th March 2014

UL Intervarsity Final - 15th March 2014

Welcome Back

A new year is upon us so it's time to Win this 2014 Student Intervarsity League !!

We're all getting pumped up here within the committee and we hope you are all ready for another exciting semester of archery. 

Training Begins Week 1 at the usual time and make sure you hang around after training as we all head up to the stables for a catch up.

See you all soon !!

Christmas Break

I hope you all have your letters to Santa written !

Christmas is upon us once again and that means time for exams and a break from shooting unfortunately. 

There will no training during study week as they will be setting up the hall for exams. 

We wish wish you all the Best of Luck in your exams and will see you back in 2014 !!

Director of Shooting Training

A Director of shooting course is taking place in Archery Ireland Sports HQ on the 7th December located just outside Dublin. At the moment we have Michael Curtin, John Hally, Eamon Mallon and Thomas Brouder trained up in this course.

What this allows you to do is when the UL Archery Club is hosting an event, you have permission to be in charge of the running and timing of the shooting line from which the archers compete from. This is an important role within a club and the more archers trained up, the more successful our shoots can be run.

If interested please contact John Hally or Thomas Brouder.

Irish Indoor Open Championship

The last big Archery Ireland Competition of the year took place in Carrickmacross Co. Monaghan on the 23d & 24th of November 2013. 

As you must be an Archery Ireland member to partake, a small team of 5 archers travelled the long dusty roads to Monagahan. 

A big Congratulations goes out to John Hally who was unfortunately narrowly beaten in the men's Junior Final.

Archery Polo Order

If people are interesting in buying a UL Archery Competition Polo can you please have your money in by Wednesday November 20th please. Each Polo with your name on it will cost you €32.00.

IT Carlow Joint IV

Congratulations to the team that represented the club at the 2nd Intervarsity competition of the year in Carlow. As you fellow archers know, due to the growing number of people partaking in the sport of archery certain venue's are no longer able to facilitate all the college's across Ireland and as a result we have had to begin holding Joint IV's. This is one competition simultaneously held in two venue's with the college's split in half depending on journey distance.

The recurve team once again stood out from the crowd but were just narrowly picked at the post by NUIM. A solid 2nd place performance was shown so a big shout out to Sean Curtin, John Hally, Sean Flavin and Thomas Brouder. 

Beginner's Settling In !

After almost three months and our beginners course now being complete, the UL Archery Club is afterecruiting the finest of robin hoods and Katniss Everdeen's to the team. Already there is a buzzing atmosphere to be found at training with the new faces bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

For those of you who missed out in the opportunity to partake in the Beginners course this semester, another course will commence in early February and all are welcome.

Congratulations Archers!

What a super performance by the UL Archery Club at the DCU IV last weekend.

The UL recurve team dominated with an unbelievable performance by Sean Curtin, John Hally, Sean Flavin and Frank Stafford in taking 1st place.

Thanks to the 4 boys we now have a 25 point lead on top of the League board.

On the individual side we had a strong performance by Jeffrey McMahon, shooting his year of grace, by firing home in first place in a tough barebow field.

A well done is deserved by Karen Power and Frank Stafford who both finished 3rd in theirecurve categories.  

Throughout all respective categories we had 10 people finish within the top 10!

Always remember "Archers score more often"

First Intervarsity of the Year - DCU

The first Student Archery Intervarsity of the year is among us! On Saturday the 2nd of November we will begin or maiden voyage to the Capital to compete this year for coveted Intervarsity League Title. 

The team representing the University of Limerick is:

Sean Curtin, Sean Flavin, Mike O'Callaghan, James Daly, Thomas Brouder, Jeffrey McMahon, Sarah O'Sullivan, John Hally, Eamon Mallon, Karen Power, Frank Stafford, Danny O'Neill, Paul Murphy, Geoffrey Doorbosch, Sean Morrisey, Conor Moran, Conor Watkins, Alannah redington, Dave Cunnigham, Caoimhe Sweeney.

The Bus will be leaving from the stables bus stop at 8:00am on Saturday morning. Lunch is being provided by DCU.

Best of Luck to all our archers !

The Best of the Halloween Costumes ! 

Thanks to everybody that dressed up, supported, an made the UL Halloween Shoot 2013 a memorable one. Well done Victor and Aida for winning Best Costume.

UL Halloween Shoot 

It's that time of year again .... HALLOWEEN !!!!!

And you know what that means, the UL Archery Halloween Shoot is almost among us !! 

On Saturday the 26th October 2013, UL Archery Club are holding the Student Archery Halloween Shoot. College's from all over Ireland will be attending.


(I think we saw Ben 10 and a few others wondering around last year)

A fun day should be had all round so I hope to see you all there at 9:00 am in the PESS and if you unfortunately didn't qualify to score, don't be shy in calling down and cheer on the team!


UL Archery Club Pro-Am

Last Years Winners - Sarah, Clodagh & Sean

UL Archery Club Pro-Am 2013 

is happening Week 7 (21st - 25th Oct) on Monday and Wednesday night. 

You ask what is this ?!

It's a Competition within the club where the new beginner archers are paired up with an advanced archer in a team, usual one advanced to 3 or 4 beginners, and we shoot 30 arrows at 18 meters. Your advanced archer will teach you about how competitions run on a national level and how to score.

PRIZES for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place Teams !!!

Do you want to take on your friends at training and see who has become the best archer over the last 6 weeks ?! 

Well don't miss out on your chance !!

Stables Drink Vouchers to be Won

so everyone is invited up to Stables afterwards.

Beginner Meet and Greet Night 2013

To welcome all the new beginners and let you get to know the more advanced archers we have organised a night of Unigolf just up the road from the University.


Don't be shy if your on your own or don't know anyone in the club, we are here to get to know you all and let you have a lot of fun within the club. 

We will be all meeting at the Bus Stop at 6:30pm and it is only a short walk up the road!

UL Archery AGM 2013

          I here by call the Annual General Meeting for the            UL Archery Club 2013.

All members, new members and interested parties are welcome to be part of this years discussions for the 2013/14 archery committee, activities and calendar. 

Date: Thursday 19th September (Week 2)

Venue: Kemmy Business School - KBG14

Time: 7:30pm 


Presidential/ Captain Report
Treasure Report
Election of officers
Master/ Apprentice league rule changes
Rule change on how an archery can compete for UL at an IV 
New Coach 
UL40 Family fun day
System for signing out equipment
Reinforce nickname policy and anti social behaviour
Matters arising 

Followed by the first archery night out of the year, starting with a party in Milford followed by heading into town!


Beginner Training Sessions Week 2

Thanks to everyone who signed up at the Recruitment Drive last night. Great to see such eager people to try out archery. If you were unable to attend the recruitment drive feel free to call down to one of the beginner sessions and sign up. Everyone is welcome!

Beginner Sessions Week 2 (16th-20th Sept):

Monday 9:30 - 10:30pm

Wednesday 8:30 - 9:30pm

Wednesday 9:30 - 10:30pm

Most people who signed up were allocated one session to attend in week 2. If you could try to stick to the time you were given it would be great as we are going to have a lot of new beginners but if you can't make it come to one of the other hours. See you all at training !

Training Begins for the New Semester

All returning members are welcome back to training on Monday of Week 1, the 9th Sept. Everyone is asked to be there at 8:15 to help set up. 
Don't forget to pre-register on the UL Wolves website and pay your membership on Monday night.

I hope to see everyone there and to once again start another great year for the UL Archery Team !

Anyone looking to become a member and join the UL Archery Club please scroll down and read the previous post on how to join and become a member.

I look forward to seeing you all !

Welcoming New Beginners September 2013

Once again Summer is over and we begin a new year within the UL Archery club!

We are welcoming all new students, current students, international and erasmus students to come and try out the exciting sport of Archery. At one stage or another in your life you may have wanted to be the new Robin Hood or Hawkeye. Well now is your chance!

We are not just open to UL students, anybody over the age of 18 is more than welcome to come and join UL Archery Club. You are just as important in building the strength and strong reputation held by our club.

Come on down to our stand at the 

University of Limerick Clubs and Societies Recruitment Drive on Wednesday Week 1 (Sept 11th) at the UL Arena to sign up and meet the team.

Hope to see you all soon !!

Munster National Outdoor Series

27/28th July 2013

I want to thank everyone who participated, attended and helped out at the first Munster National Series League which was held in the Bowl at UL. A hugely successful weekend. The sun was shining both days and a high standard of archery was seen to be had. 

Munster Leg Winners:

Recurve Men - Mark Nesbit

Recurve Woman - Maeve Reidy

Recurve Cadet Men - Daniel Malone 

Compound Men - Philip Evans

Compound Woman - Jo Ann Bell

Week 7 Update - 2012

UL Archery Club had a successful weekend at the National Student Indoors in University College Cork. Craig Tyner, Jeffrey McMahon and Conor Souness won 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively in Barebow, while Lorcan Crean took £rd place in Compond.

Training continues this week. Times are from 8:15 - 10:30pm on Mondays and from 7:30 - 10:30pm on Wednesdays. If you wish you can arrive early and help and learn how to set up gear and targets. We look forward to seeing you there.

Week 4 Update

The beginners training started last week and continues this week. Training times are from 8:15 - 10:30pm on Mondays and from 7:30 - 10:30pm on Wednesdays. If you wish you can arrive early and help and learn how to set up gear and targets. We look forward to seeing you there.

Week 2 Update

The recruitment drive will be taking place on Tuesday 31st January, starting at 5:30. If people could volunteer to help out with the recruitment drive we would greatly appreciate it.

Anyone who is interested in signing up to the club can do so on Wednesday night at the recruitment drive in UL Arena. It is advised that you pre-register your membership on http://www.registercs.ul.ie to speed up sign up time on the night.

Week 1 Update

After over a month of Christmas break we're back. Our training times are from 8:15 - 10:30pm on Mondays and from 7:30 - 10:30pm on Wednesdays. We look forward to seeing everyone back for another semester of competitions, training and fun.

Training Update

We hope everyone had a great Christmas. Training will be back to usual starting at 8:15pm Monday 9th January. We look forward to seeing everyone again.

Week 14/15 and Christmas Update

UL Archery Club wishes all those doing exams the very best of luck. We hope that you will be safe over the Christmas period and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Week 13 Update

With the Autumn exams getting closer this Monday's training will be the last this semester.Names will be taken for those who wish to go the NUIG IV. If there are more thanthe number allowed then everyone will have to shoot a 30 arrow score. The highest scores will then be picked for NUIG IV.

Week 12 Update - DCU Results

It is with piride and honour that UL Archery Club are announcing their first victory of the year. Not only is it the clubs first victory of the year, but it came in the first Intervarsity of the year. The club scored an impressive 2531 overall, closely followed by DIT in second with 2529 and DCU in third with 2526. The winning UL team consisted of Steffan Ashe (537), Lorcan Crean (533), Rory Thornburgh (514), Michael Curtin (477) and James Daly (470).

Week 10 Update - DCU IV

The DCU Intervarsity is taking place on November 12th. A team of 12 can attend from ULAC. The cost is €10 and a list of attendees is need by Wednesday. If you wish to attend please inform a committee member. You should then score a 30 arrow round on either Monday or Wednesday and give to the clubs Captain, Michael O'Callaghan, (score sheets are found in the cabinet).

Week 8 Update - UCC Halloween Shoot

The Halloween shoot in Cork is just around the corner. If you wish to attend please e-mail the UL Archery Club. (Advanced archers include your catageory and target preference (40/3 spot)). If you are coming you should score a 30 arrow round on either Monday or Wednesday and give to the clubs Captain, Michael O'Callaghan, (score sheets are found in the cabinet). No matter what your score is you'll be able to attend the shoot. This is just something that is done before every competiton and we'd like to get everybody used to it.

Week 7 Update - UL Archery Master's and Apprentice's Shields

The Master's and Apprentice's Shields began this Monday. Archers can, if they wish to participate, score themselves on a 30 arrow round. The score must be given to the clubs Captain, Michael O'Callaghan, and it will be archived in a spreadsheet document. At the end of the year the winners of the Master's and Apprentice's Shield will be revealed.

Week 6 Update - UL Archery Pro Am

UL Archery Club will be holding an in house competition on Monday 10th and Wednesday 12th October 2011. Two beginner archers will be paired with an advanced archer. You will shoot 30 arrows in 10 ends of 3 arrows. The highest combined score will be the winner. Come down and compete to be in with a chance of winning the prizes.

Week 5 Update - 2011/2012 Archery Calendar

The following clubs are to host IV’s in the coming season:

DCU - November 12th
NUIM - March 10th
UL - March 31st

The following clubs are to host non-IV student competitions in the coming season:

UCC (Indoor Nationals)
UCD (Indoor Open)
UU (Outdoor Nationals)
GMIT (Team based competition)

Week 3 Update - New Committee

The UL Archery AGM was held on the 15th September 2011 and the following committee members were elected:

President - Colm Glynn
Treasurer - James Daly
Captain - Michael O'Callaghan
Secretary - Conor Souness
Safety Officer - Cathal Doran
Equipment Officer - Killian McNamara
Associate Equipment Officer - Phil Ryan
Public Relations Officer - Eoin Murray
IAAA Representative - Michael Curtin

Week 2 Update - UL Archery AGM

AGM this Thursday evening, 15th of September.
Commencing 20:00 sharp.
Venue: C0-078(Main Building opposite the Library)
1. Presidents Report
2. Treasurers Report
3. Honorary Memberships
4. Election of Committee for the next 12 months
a. President
b. Treasurer
c. Captain
d. Secretary
e. Safety Officer
f. Equipment Officer
g. Associate Equipment Officer
h. Public Relations Officer
i. IAAA Representative
5. AOB

Be there!

Welcome Back - Week 1 Update

Finally, after a 3 month summer break, our full indoor training schedule is back. As a result of the continuing construction work on the PESS Building our training schedule starts next week. Training will be from 20:15 until 22:30 on Mondays evenings and 19:30 until 22:30 on Wednesdays.

Anyone who is interested in signing up to the club can do so on Wednesday 7th September at the recruitment drive in UL Arena. It is advised that you pre-register your membership on http://www.registercs.ul.ie to speed up sign up time on the night.

For any returning members, you must also pre register your membership on http://www.registercs.ul.ie. You will not be allowed to shoot with the club unless you have done so, and paid your membership fees, as you would not be covered by insurance.

Summer Months Training

Summer is here and so too is the outdoor training. If you  wish to be put on a text list for outdoor training please email the club at
and mark it for the attention of Mike.

Further Congratulations...

The results from the Student National Championships have just been released, and ULAC had another roaring success by bringing home the Gold Medal in the Team Category. So congratulations to Rory, Paul, Niall, Michael Curtin and Steffan. Well done lads and keep up the great work!!


After a busy week down in Cork with both the Student National Championships and Irish National Championships. ULAC has brought home two new medals with Paul Collins bringing home a silver and Niall Boland holding on to his Junior Male Compound title. Well done to everyone who took part, now lets keep up the hard work for the Intervarsities in the coming months!!

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back! ULAC hopes you had a great break. Semester 2 is going to be another busy and exciting. The Galway IV is taking place this weekend with the Barebow Nationals the day after. So good look to everyone taking part. Also in February is the Student National Championship and Irish National Championship, we are looking forward to bringing home a few medals from those. Training is on as the normal, so come down and lets get shooting!

Important Notice!

Just a quick update. Training will begin again after Christmas on the 10th January as per usual in the PESS Building. Best of Luck to everyone who has exams, and have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Looking forward to seeing you all again next semester!

Week 12 Update

Busy Few Weeks

The last few weeks have been a fast paced and exciting time for UL Archery. The Irish International Open was a great success with the Club bringing home Two more National Titles, with Craig Tyner (Senior Barebow) and Niall Boland (Junior Compound). To build upon this success the club, came third in the UCD Intervarsity, but more importantly, at the DCU Intervarsity, the team not only came first overall but smashed the club record which was laid down in 2003 by our Coach, Emmanuel O'Dea. With the original record being 2525, and now an incredible 2588, the team is setting it's sights on breaking the impressive 2600. Congratulations to the team; Paul Collins, Steffan Ashe, Rory Thornburgh, Michael Curtin and Niall Boland.

Week 8 Update

Halloween Shoot & Irish Open

This weekend UL Archery is holding both the Irish Open and our very own Halloween shoot. Both competitions will be full to the brim with the highest quality of shooters through out Ireland. As is the norm it will be held down a the University of Limerick's PESS Building. The slots are already filled and it's shaping up to be a great weekend, so come down and watch!!! Also to Note, Sign up for Beginner's ended in Week 6, however if you wish to still join the Archery Club then there will be a recruitment next semester.

Week 6 Update

Busy October

It's the beginning of October, and we are already halfway through the semester. This month is going to kick start the indoor archery season with the UL Archery club holding the only indoor international competition held in  Ireland, the Irish Open, on the 31st of October. As with last year it promises to host to some of the best archers worldwide, whilst having our infamous Halloween shoot the day before which promises to be as good craic as last year with archers having already chosen their costumes. More details to follow soon.

Week 5 Update

Groups Gone

After the rapid progression of the new members of the club, it gives me great pleasure to inform everyone that Beginners are welcome to shoot on Wednesdays from 7.30 to 10.30!! This means that there will be a lot more shooting involved followed by learning the procedure of setting up the equipment including bows and targets. We are all looking forward to seeing you there!!

Week 4 Update

Fresh Perspective

Week Three has seen an amendment to the Constitution of the Club, a brand new committee for the club full of 1st Years to Archery and a brand new perspective on where to take this already successful club! It's great to see so many new people returning to training on the Wednesday nights with buckets full of potential, hopefully we can keep this momentum up for the rest of the year and take the coveted IV Title this year and get even more National Champions under our Belt!!

Week 3 Update

Success and an AGM


Week Two was a huge success with one of the biggest turn outs for the Beginners Night that UL Archery has ever seen! Not only that but there is a mass of potential talent to help us fight for the coveted IV Title this year. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back again at the same time this Wednesday and also hopefully on Thursday, as it is our Annual General Meeting. This involves picking the committee for this year amongst other topics, so if you think you have what it takes then come down to

 A1052 from 7-9pm

Afterwards we will be heading down to Java's for a few drinks to celebrate Arthur's Day so don't miss out!!

Week 2 Update

Gearing up for a Great Semester 

After an incredibly successful recruitment drive on Wednesday, the UL Archery Club is gearing up for one of its most exciting and successful years yet. With 3 National Champions under our belt, and a fresh flock of archers joining our ranks we are set to rank higher if not take the top spot in this years Inter-Varsity League. To all our new members please don't forget the time slot we allocated to you on the recruitment night, this can be found on the 'Goody' bag given out once you were all registered. Also join us on Facebook at


Were back! - Week 1 update

Finally, after a 3 month summer break, our full indoor training schedule will be back again this week. This year there is a small change to our Monday night training times. Training will now be from 20:15 until 22:30. Wednesday nights will remain the same, from 19:30 until 22:30. There will be no Wednesday night training this week to allow for the recruitment drive. Anyone who wants to volunteer for the recruitment drive can either contact a committee member or  email the club at ularchery(at)gmail(dot)com. If weather allows there will be training on Tuesday or/and Thursday night in Maguires. This will be announced on the club Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=126036219481&ref=ts.

Anyone who is interested in signing up to the club can do so on Wednesday night at the recruitment drive in UL Arena. It is advised that you pre-register your membership on http://www.registercs.ul.ie to speed up sign up time on the night. A beginners course will commence next Wednesday night, the  15th of September. 

For any returning members, you must also pre register your membership on http://www.registercs.ul.ie. You will not be allowed to shoot with the club unless you have done so, and paid your membership fees, as you would not be covered by insurance. This is not the case for anyone who is IAAA registered. Membership fees can be paid at training.


ULAC gains a new National Champion

With a successful indoor season already under our belts ULAC dug our heels in and prepared for a tough outdoor season this year, which culminated on the August Bank Holiday weekend with the Outdoor National Target Championships and a new National Champion for UL.

Mike Curtin, a 3rd year in Robotic Engineering, brought the Junior Male Recurve title to UL for the first time in the history of the club. The format of the Championships was changed this year to the more spectator friendly Olympic Round, 72 arrows shot at 70m to rank your position and match play head to heads to decide on the titles. This is the first time that this format has ever been shot in the Republic of Ireland and made the championships into a much more challenging affair. UL Archery had three archers on the field, Mike Curtin, Phil Ryan and Paul Collins. Mike and Phil were competiting for the Junior Male Recurve title and Paul Collins for the Senior Male Recurve trophy.  Paul unfortunately met the eventual Senior Male Recurve winner, Keith Hanlon, in the 1/16 head to head stage and after a very tight scoring match was narrowly beaten. Mike and Phil came face to face in the quarter-finals, and with a match score of 6-4 Mike moved on to the semi-finals to shoot against the number one ranked Junior Male, Mark Sharvin. A score of 7-3 ensured Mike a clear spot in the finals where he beat Ian Carey of Woodbrook Archers with a very strong score of 6-2.

UL Archery now adds a third National Champion to our ranks. Craig Tyner, 2nd year Product Design & Technology, is the 2010 Senior Male Barebow Champion, Niall Boland, 1st year Law & Accounting, the 2010 Junior Male Compound Champion – Indoor and now Mike Curtin is the 2010 Junior Male Recurve Champion – Outdoor. The most amazing thing to note is that none of these archers had ever shot before joining the UL Archery Club and are now some of the top level archers in Ireland. With UL Archery ranked in the top three college clubs in Ireland and the 2010/2011 Intervarsity season only a few short months away there will be no rest for their elite team as they prepare for another wave of competitions and, hopefully, trophies. 


UL Archery go on tour

UL Archery members Phil Ryan, Margaret Carey, Donna McKenny and Cian O' Sullivan all headed to Navan for the June Bank Holiday weekend to give a hand to Athboy Archery, who ran a three day Have-A-Go stand in the Navan Shopping Center.

More than 270 people tried out the sport over the weekend and €600 was raised for the club. Athboy Archery looks forward to many new beginners joining their club over the coming weeks. If you would like to get in contact you can find all of their contact details at www.athboyarchery.tk


Summer Months Update

At the moment the PESS Building is unavailable and there is no definitive schedule set for outdoor training. If you  wish to be put on a text list for outdoor training please email the club on
and mark it for the attention of Mike. Hopefully we will have a schedule in place by next week. Please check back here for updates.

The 2010 ULAC Apprentice Shield went to Steffan Ashe
and the 2010 Masters Shield went to Rory Thornburgh.


Week 13
Last Full Week of Training

Since outdoor shooting was so well received in Week 12 we have decided to go outdoor shooting again in Week 13. The same training schedule will be kept for one
more week -

  • MONDAY 7.30-10.30pm INDOORS
  • WEDNESDAY 4.00-7.30pm OUTDOORS
  • WEDNESDAY 7.30-10.30pm INDOORS

The UL Archery End of Season Dinner is taking place on Wednesday the 28th of April. We are sitting in the Jasmine Palace on O' Connell St. for 8.00pm.
 The cost is €25 for 4 courses, inc charges. Drinks are at your own cost. All monies are to be paid in advance to Mags - Wednesday the 21st at the latest - to ensure your space at the table.

All Apprentice and Masters scores will be tallied for the event and the Shields will be presented to the winners for 2010.


Week 12
Take it outside!

Well... the 2009/2010 ISAA League is over and UL have gotten back on to the podium with a well deserved 3rd place finish for the club. Craig Tyner took 1st place in the Barebow League and Phil Ryan finished 2nd in the Male Recurve League. A full round up of the event and scores are to follow in the next few days.

Now that the ISAA League is over for another season it's time to focus on outdoor shooting.

UL Archery are moving to Maguires Field, to the right of Kilmurry Village on the UL campus. Starting this Wednesday we are taking full advantage of the amazing weather and holding a double training session. 4-8pm outside on the Field and 8-10:30pm indoors in the PESS. If you intend to start training outdoors in the coming weeks please note that all equipment must be brought to the field - including bows - there will be no access to the PESS store room at that time of the day.


Week 11
ISAA InterVarsity Finals

The ISAA League Finals are being held in UL on Saturday the 10th of April.

The venue has been changed from the Main Hall of the PESS Building to the Sports Hall in the UL Arena. There has also been a time change for the event. Early group to be assembled at 12:30pm for a 1:00pm start and Late group to be assembled at 2:30pm for a 3:00pm start.

This is the first time that UL Archery have hosted an event in the UL Arena and we would like to thank all of the people involved for making this happen.

Spectators are very welcome throughout the event so please come down to the Arena and show your support.

We are looking for volunteers for;
Friday at 3:00pm to move equipment up to the Arena,
Saturday at 11:30am to set up the venue and admin,
Monday at a time TBC to return all equipment to the PESS.

If you are available for any of these slots please contact Mike Curtin.

Week 10 Training
Easter Mid-term

Training continues as per our usual schedule this week for any archers who have not returned home for the holidays. With the ISAA League Finals only days away all archers should really shoot at every given opportunity. The ISAA League Finals will be held in UL on Saturday the 10th of April and we are looking for members to volunteer on the day for set-up and admin.

There is an outdoor shoot being hosted by the Banbridge Archery Club on Easter Monday
. Anyone looking to enter a European qualifying score please note that this shoot is one of the three shoots designated as qualifying shoots for the Europeans. The next shoot for qualifying will be held in Lexlip on Sunday the 11th of April.

Week 9 Training

UL Archery stops for no man and no event. Training for the UL Intervarsity continues throughout Charity Week here in UL. Please don't think that you can call down to training after one or two in the bar though - UL Archery have a very strict no alcohol policy in the club.

For anyone who will be in Limerick during the coming Easter break please note that training will continue throughout the week.

Week 8 Training

There will be no training this Wednesday as the PESS is closed for St. Patrick's Day.

Could anyone who has ordered clothes and not collected them please do so on Monday.


Week 7 Training

Sign-up for beginners is finished as of this week; however, there will be another sign-up in June for external members and staff so we look forward to seeing some of you then. We will be taking new student members again in September.

The clothes order has come in so can anyone who ordered clothes please come to pick them up by Wednesday of week 8 at the latest.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Haiti shoot last Thursday. It was a huge success and we appreciate the support we got. We would also like to say congratulations to Aiden Casey who won our beginners competition and the shoot on Thursday.

Shoot For Haiti

On Thursday the 4th of March you can find the UL Archery Club shooting on the Lawns of the White House in UL. There will be archery displays running throughout the afternoon and there will also be a 'Have A Go' Stand running from 11am until 3pm.

For just €1 you will get 3 arrows to shoot. The highest score from 3 arrows during the afternoon will win a voucher for 2 nights B&B in any Jurys Inn in Ireland and the UK.

All UL Archery members are banned from entering the competition due to unfair advantage and all funds raised go towards the Clubs & Socs Haiti Charity Fund.

If any club members are available to assist during the day, please email the club at ularchery@gmail.com with subject 'Haiti' with what times you are available.


Week 5 Training 

This week will see the team for the Carlow IV selected.

 Anyone who is interested in going needs to get a 30 arrow score in to Mike Monday night. Entry fees and transportation costs are included in your membership.

You can also use this score towards your Apprentice/Masters Cup score.

Anyone who is interested in shooting the Dolmen Archers shoot on Sunday should also contact Mike. Please remember that you need to be an IAAA registered shooter to compete in this shoot.

Elite training will only be on Thursday night this week and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Week 4 Training

Training will continue in Week 4 as normal.

Elite training will take place on Tuesday and Thursday night for those invited.

Wednesday night is your last chance to pay for your clothes order. Contact Steffan if you haven't paid yet.

Don't forget that the Carlow InterVarsity is on the 27th of February, so get training for a space on the team.

Anyone who is interested in shooting in the Nationals in GMIT on the 7th of March needs to contact Mike as soon as possible as spaces are limited. You must be an IAAA registered member to be eligible to shoot.


Week 3 Training

Training is continuing in Week 3. All beginners are welcome to call down to training and sign up until Week 6.

This Wednesday will hopefully see the Spring Semester Beginners Shoot being held during training. There are no entry fees and prizes will be supplied.

The UL Archery clothing order is being done in Week 3. Let Steffan know on Wednesday night if you are interest in getting a UL Archery fleece, polo shirt, thermal or belt. Prices are available on request from Steffan.

Also note that the Master and Apprentice Cups are still running throughout the Spring semester. Get your scores in to Mike to be eligible for a place on the podium. All new archers are eligible to enter the Apprentice Cup so please check out the link to the left for more details.


Week 2 Training
Congratulations to Craig Tyner, the new Irish Male Barebow Champion!
Craig took first place at the Barebow championships last Sunday. Congratulations also the UL team who finished second in the NUIG Intervarsity last Saturday.  In total 16 medals were brought home from the weekend. More info can be found in the Articles section of the site.
This week Beginner courses start up again. The course will begin on Wednesday evening at 8pm, and will run up until week 6.
On Monday evening we will have a professional masseuse in giving massages and looking at some of our archers posture.
 Week 1 Training

Training is continuing in Week 1. All advanced and apprentice archers are welcome to train during Week 1. We have Emmanuel coaching on Monday nights this semester so please ensure that you arrive on time and have your equipment set up to facilitate as much coaching time as possible.

Also note that the Master and Apprentice Cups are still running throughout the Spring semester. Get your scores in to Mike to be eligible for a place on the podium.



Follow us 

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Email: ularchery@gmail.com


Training Times: 

Week 1 - 12


Returning Members
8:15pm - 10:30pm


9:30pm - 10:30pm


Main Hall, PESS Building, UL



Returning Members

7:30pm - 10:30pm


8:30pm - 10:30pm


Main Hall, PESS Building, UL


n   e will put them up We're always looking for input from the members for the latest news, gossip & happenings in the archery club. If you have stuff in your mind, put your fingers to the keyboard and email us.

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