Hi ! Welcome to my web page.
I am a researcher working in the area of speech and EEG signal processing. I worked with Prof. Chandra Sekhar Seelamantual in EE Dept. Indian Institute of Science and successfully defended my thesis on "Two dimensional demodulation of speech spectrograms" for my M.Sc. (Eng.) degree on 14th July 2014. I am currently working with Sohum Innovations lab in developing novel algorithms to enable low cost newborn hearing screening in resource poor settings.

Having been in a health care startup for some time, I am also incredibly curious about the various aspects of business and regulations as well ! Apart from this, as a personal mission, I am also working with few friends at IISc to understand and support our(Indian) primary education sector.

To get in touch send a mail to  Haricharan [dot] A [at] gmail [dot] com. Happy to collaborate :)

Research Interests: I am interested in the broad area of machine learning and signal processing (worked with speech, music and EEG signals) . During my masters I explored 2-D analysis frame work for speech processing, on which I have published two papers so far (also one Journal is under review and one patent is under the processes of being filed). Information regarding the published papers can be found here. More information regarding my academic life can be found here. At work, I work on extracting very low amplitude evoked potentials from EEG recordings.

Hobbies: I love traveling, especially if it is to forests and mountains. I have been to western ghats, Dandeli forest, Himachal pradesh and so on in India. My research has also helped me travel to several parts of Europe and to Vancouver, thanks to the funding agencies for supporting my travel. I also love to play badminton, go cycling and running. Apart from these, I like to watch good movies and read books (History, novels etc.).

My research at IISc in a single picture:

We have developed methods to accurately decompose/separate a narrowband spectrogram of voiced speech to smoothly varying spectro-temporal envelope and underlying harmonics. We presented a part of our research at a science slam, you can watch the video (here)