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                         HEALTH  INTELLIGENT  SOLUTIONS
               Complimentry:  Initial iHEALTH Appstm Consulting
                                        MOBILE  APPS  TECHNOLOGY   for:      Convergent  A-I  and  Health  Iniatives   
   - HEALTH:  iPhone   iPad   iWatch  & SmartTV  Networking
   - Enjoy the real benefits of Intelligent  HEALTH Mobile Convergence
with the advanced SMART iHEALTH  APPS and Interactive  Analysis.
Solutions for optimized  iMedic Analyrics Systems, now provided by 
the i/APPStm  software products and sensory systems.
     - Offering extensive experience in Mobile Smart / Sensory  Systems,
customer expectations for productive & Intelligent APPS can 
be really assured.   These Smart APPS encompass uniquely 
customized Mobile Networking features, for:
        HEALTH               MEDICS              BEHAVIOR            SENSORS / RX    
-The Mobile i/APPS Intelligent Design & Development capabilities
incorporate comprehensive Smart Technology solutions, for: 
        Diagnostic  Definition           Monitoring Analytics           Systems Implementation             
        APPS Specifications          Program Development          Networking  Integration
   PRICES -  SMART  i/APPStm Development Soluyions are reasonably priced.
                                                                               (Subject to Options/Notes)
                                                        NETWORKING  SECTORS:                                
             Jndividuals          Hospitals             Mobility           Institutions     
            Transport         Surveillance         Envpronment         Governmennt

PRICING:  - The Phone / Mobile Apps Development services are offered at economical rates.  
                                         (Subject to Specs & Options)

         These systems are specifically offered & available where permitted.  
       - Prices are net of applicable State Sales Tax and any shipping fees.
      - Additional specs for the Mobile  i/APPStm can be obtained
       thru,   iNetsatusad0tc0m      - Any requests for returns must be
      pre-approved by the seller, prior to shipment and are
       subject to fees for shipping or inspection.
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