AOL Mail is one of the world’s most recognized email services used by millions of people worldwide. Like most other email services, Mail has its own email account login page. This guide is intended for users who do not know much about computing and require clear instructions on how to correctly and safely log in to their AOL email account via the AOL login screen.

If you’re having trouble logging into your AOL email account, you may want to check if you’re doing it correctly. Here are some best practices to help you securely log in to the inbox page of your AOL email account. Mail Login to Email account Guide :

Check login page URL :-

This may sound strange, but it is very important to check if you are on the correct AOL mail login page with the correct URL. There are many cases where people are trying to log into AOL mail on fake sites through malicious links. There are many fake sites on the Internet that claim to be the official AOL mail login page and if you ever try to log in to these fake sites then try to steal your login credentials.

So make sure that the URL is from or It is always recommended that you manually enter in your browser and go to the mail login page.

Stay away from malicious links in your email or anywhere else that tries to redirect you to the login page. This is very important because most of the hacked cases of AOL email accounts are caused by users who click and log in via malicious links in their emails.

Now how to login to AOL email account :-

There is a step-by-step guide (with screenshots) on how to successfully log in to the AOL Mail email inbox screen.

First, in a web browser, go to

On the login form, enter your AOL email address and then click Next.

On the next screen, enter your password, then click AOL Sign in.

  1. By default, if you have entered the correct login credentials, you will be redirected to AOL homepage where all the news and headlines are.

  2. To get to your AOL Mail email inbox page, click on the email icon from upper right corner of AOL homepage screen.


AOL is a web service that provides its users’ news across the world and an option for messaging their known with the AOL mail service. To avail this service each needs to have an email account within AOL. If you are an AOL mail user, you might be familiar with all its features and functionalities. Here we are about to discuss, how to backup AOL email on Mac system without any effort or difficulty.

We are known with AOL service if in any case, we want our emails to be moved on to the system hard drive, have you thought of a way to do so? If a situation as such occurs the provision is suggested by many is to add your AOL mailbox to Another email client, then download AOL mail to Mac OS X. The method to do so can be easily found for Windows. But when it comes to Mac, the solutions limit to some extent.

Here is what we have for you. You will be clarified with an easy and effortless method that will freely backup AOL email on mac OS/ OS X machine. Let’s get it started without a delay.

How to Backup AOL Email on Mac Operating System?

For the download of AOL mailbox data on Mac machine in a hassle-free manner, you want to download the Free edition of Mac AOL Backup Software. The application is really easy to use. The friendly interface along with multiple language support offers major comfort to the user to perform the download task on Mac OS. Below is provided the Simple step procedure to migrate AOL emails on Mac machine

Free Steps to Backup AOL Mail Email On Mac

Step 1: Download and Run Mac AOL Export Wizard

Step 2: Select Backup format (PST/EML/EMLX/MBOX/MSG)

Step 3: Click on Browse and select Location for saving AOL data

Step 4: Hit the Start button

With these techniques, you have other options that you can try to perform selective AOL data migration. Few among them are discussed in the below section.

Multiple Functionalities of AOL Email on Mac Download Program

You can perform different sets of backup functions using the application. Some major features are described below

Backup Data in Different file Formats: With this program, you can copy AOL email data on Mac machine in multiple file formats. The various popular formats supported are Outlook PST, Apple Mail EML, EMLX, Thunderbird MBOX. These file formats are supported to majorly used all email applications.

Delete After Download Option: An important feature offered to make the AOL account free from storage space is this option. With its utility, you can easily remove (delete) your mailbox data from the account, but it will be at your local end. In other terms, your data will be downloaded to your mac machine, and afterward, it will be permanently deleted from the account storage.

Email Filtering: The utility has the functionality to filter out emails within a date range and skip the rest from downloading. This feature allows us to backup AOL email on Mac OS with selected sets and the time efficiency is also enhanced with this.

Incremental Backup Option: Another amazing feature is the incremental backup of the AOL mail data. With this, the previously downloaded data will not be downloaded again, saving your time and machine storage storing duplicate data on the Mac system. This will be enabled only from the second use of the tool within the same machine.

These were some important Functionalities offered with the Mac AOL Backup Wizard. But this to function smoothly in your system, you need to fulfill some system requirements first.

System Requirements: AOL MAIL LOGIN

The below requirements must be fulfilled for the program to work smoothly.

  • OS Supported: Mac OSX 10.8 and above versions

  • RAM: 4 GB minimum

  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB storage space

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In the above article, you are provided an absolute solution to download AOL mail on Mac OS X. Here we have sorted the solution for how to backup AOL email on Mac machine without any efforts taken. Read the article throughout and compare the procedure with the one you founded. Try out the Free process if you don’t find any other easy process than this.