Create a free account with AOL Mail and get started. AOL Mail is a mail delivering service that offers address books with good storage. Features such as a Task calendar, automatic redirection of spam, and sends the phishing emails into trashes are some unique features of AOL Mail. You can start taking services of AOL Mail by just creating a new account. Let’s learn about how to do AOL Mail login.

But before going to start creating a new AOL account let’s discuss some important features that AOL Mail offers. With the attachment size limit of 25 MB, you can send or receive mail up-to 25 MB size limit over AOL Mail. Rather than an AOL account, you can access other mail accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo over the AOL mail app. AOL Mail comes with up to 250 GB of mailbox size limit and it supports 3 protocols named POP3, IMAP, and SMTP. Sometimes we make mistakes while sending an email and you were not able to correct it. But, now over the AOL email login platform, you can un-send your mail as AOL Mail comes with an un-send feature.

So, these important mailing features of the AOL Mail app seem very useful. So, with no further delay let’s go through the steps to create an AOL Mail account. Make sure to check the system requirements for the AOL site before visiting


How to Create an AOL Mail account?

Follow these simple steps to create an AOL Mail account

  1. In your web browser, search for

  2. Or download and install the “AOL Mail Login app” from the app store/play store

  3. Launch the app then head to the AOL com login page

  4. Tap on the “Create an account” option

  5. Now, provide your personal details i.e. name, number, alternate mail, etc.

  6. Create a user name, and set a strong password then click on the “Continue” button

  7. Now, you need to verify your Number/ Email

  8. So check your inbox and look for the code sent by AOL Mail

  9. Now, enter the AOL Mail code to complete verification

  10. Thus account creation process AOL Mail be completed

Process for AOL Mail login

Once after finishing account creation you can move on to start an AOL login. Follow the steps as they will help you to get started on to my AOL Mail login.

  1. Open a web browser and search for AOL login mail

  2. Now, enter your login AOL Mail details

  3. Now, click on “AOL sign in”

  4. After these above steps you will be logged into your AOL Mail account

Note: Above steps could be used for AOL Email login Page for USA. Also, you can use the same steps for the AOL email login for Verizon customers.

How to change my AOL Mail login screen name?

This is the name that is shown as the sender’s name to the recipients. It is possible to change your name. Let’s follow few quick steps to change your AOL Mail login screen name.

  1. Open your AOL Mail app

  2. Login into AOL Mail account

  3. Tap on the “profile icon” in your account

  4. Now, click on “Manage your AOL account’

  5. Now, click on “personal info” then click on “name”

  6. Set a real name for your account that belongs to you

  7. Then click to save it

  8. Thus your screen name will be changed.

Reset password for your AOL Mail login account

This happens usually when you forgot your AOL Mail password. Let’s try to set a new password for your AOL Mail login account.

  1. Open AOL Mail app

  2. Enter the details which you have remembered to log in

  3. If it shows any error then click on the “forgot password” option

  4. Now, enter your username and click to “search”

  5. Follow the instruction to verify that this account belongs to you

  6. Confirm your mobile number or email address and ask for the code

  7. Check your inbox and enter the code to verify your AOL Mail account

  8. Once you will complete verification then you will see an option to reset your password

  9. Set a strong password and try to remember it

  10. Now, try to log in again by using your new password for your AOL Mail account


Create an AOL Mail account for free and make your mailing experience great with a quick and secure AOL Mail Login account that consists of some amazing features. Visit the official website for more information about the AOL Mail login. Create an AOL Mail account for free and start your AOL journey performing AOL Mail login, try to reset the password for your AOL Mail account to make it more secure.