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(2014) mod/mouse/humanENCODE: Uniformly processed data (June 2012 Freeze)

UPDATE (Aug 29, 2014): The modENCODE/ENCODE papers are now out. The official location for all uniformly processed data for worm, fly and human are here

The data below refers to uniformly processed modENCODE data for the worm (C. elegans) and the fly (D. melanogaster) as well as human and for some data types mouse ENCODE data until the July 2012 Freeze that is being used in the joint modENCODE/ENCODE analysis papers.

The spreadsheet below has multiple sheets (representing different types of data for 4 species namely human, mouse, fly and worm). These are uniformly processed data from the ENCODE. modENCODE and mouseENCODE consortia. They are being used by the consortium members for multi-species integrative analyses papers that have been submitted for review mid-2013. Not all datasets are published. I have provided the links here as a courtesy. You are free to use them for as a beta release. Please check with me and/or the respective consortia before you use these processed datasets in any publications and please cite the appropriate papers (I will list them here once the papers are published). These datasets will be officially hosted at the ENCODE/modENCODE/mouseENCODE DCCs and be released alongside the publications.