List of people whose work I follow. The list is far from complete!
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Kevin Murphy Machine Learning, Bayes Nets, Time series analysis 
Christina Leslie Machine Learning, Computational Biology 
Daphne Koller Machine Learning, Bayes Nets, Computational Biology 
Nir Friedman Machine Learning, Bayes Nets, Computational Biology 
Eran Segal Machine Learning, Bayes Nets, Computational Biology 
Harmen Bussemaker Computational Biology 
Jason Weston Machine Learning 
Rob Schapire Machine Learning, Boosting 
Yoav Freund Machine Learning, Boosting 
Saurabh Sinha Computational Biology 
Michael Jordan Machine Learning, Bayes Nets 
Koji Tsuda Machine Learning, Data Mining 
Jiawei Han Data Mining 
Gunnar Rätsch  Machine Learning, Computational Biology 
Yann Lecun Machine Learning 
Leon Bottou Machine Learning 
Ron Shamir Computational Biology 
Trevor Hastie Statistical Learning, Machine Learning, Boosting 
Eric Xing Machine Learning, Computational Biology 
Christian Borgelt Data mining, machine learning 
Wei Wang (UCSD) Computational biology 
Balázs Kégl Boosting, Machine Learning 
Cynthia Rudin Ranking, Boosting, Machine Learning 
John Langford Large scale learning, online learning, machine learning 
Peter Bühlmann Machine Learning 
Showing 25 items