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Bioinformatics - Tools and Applications David Edwards, Jason Stajich, David Hansen  bioinformatics 
The elements of statistical learning : data mining, inference, and prediction Hastie, Tibshirani, Friedman machine learning 
Advanced Bash-scripting Guide Mendel Cooper programming 
Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics: An Introduction Warren Ewens, Gregory Grant SpringerLink bioinformatics 
Statistical Methods in Molecular Evolution Rasmus Nielsen SpringerLink bioinformatics 
Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms David McKay machine learning 
A first course in Statistical programming in R John Braun, Duncan Murdoch  programming 
Spectral Graph Theory Fan Chung machine learning 
Statistical analysis of spatial point patterns Peter Diggle  machine learning 
Linear and Non-linear programming David Luenberger machine learning 
Music Brain and Cognition Connection Science Special Issue "Music, Brain, & Cognition" Vol. 21 (2-3): machine learning 
Gene Genealogies, Variation and Evolution: A Primer in Coalescent Theory Jotun Hein, Mikkel H. Schierup, Carsten Wiuf biology 
Monte Carlo Strategies for Scientific Computing Jun Liu machine learning 
Numerical Optimization Jorge Nocedal machine learning 
The R book programming 
Data Manipulation with R Phil Spector programming 
C++ STL Practical Tips Greg Reese ebrary Link programming 
Introduction to Information Retrieval Chris Manning machine learning 
Elements of information theory Thomas M. Cover, Joy A. Thomas Interscience link machine learning 
A probabilistic theory of pattern recognition Luc Devroye, László Györfi, Gábor Lugosi.  machine learning 
An introduction to computational learning theory Micheal Kearns  machine learning 
An introduction to support vector machines : and other kernel-based learning methods Cristianini, Nello library24X7 link machine learning 
Learning with kernels : support vector machines, regularization, optimization, and beyond Schölkopf, Bernhard ebrary link machine learning 
Log-linear Models and Logistic Regression Christensen, Ronald, 1951- ilibrary link machine learning 
Showing 24 items