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Sometimes DNA is the only way to go back

posted Oct 23, 2017, 12:37 PM by Anne Young
Some times the only way I believe to build your tree further back is through autosomal DNA testing.

Your DNA and that of your cousins is in a sense another document and can be used in conjunction with more traditional documents to go further back in your family history.  There are quite a few tantalising clues but not enough proof to make connections. Your DNA matches may allow you to make connections with your cousins and from their trees together with the documents you already have, you may be able to confirm the hypothesis about your family history. One thing DNA does not do - it does not disprove hypotheses, it can only confirm them. If you don't match a cousin (more than third cousin) it just means you did not inherit the same segments, it does not mean you don't share a common ancestor.

I recommend you test with ancestryDNA - they have the largest database and some useful tools and you can export your data. I recommend you do export your data, in particular to Gedmatch and consider also using Wikitree to connect with cousins. I also recommend you test cousins as well, shared DNA matches can help enormously in working out cousin connections. 

I have written a couple of blog posts on my own experience with testing which you may find useful. It is a very slow process.
I am happy to help with analysing your DNA matches if you wish.