About us

                                                                               & LAPAROSCOPIC CENTRE Pvt. Ltd
                                                                  21A/42, PROFESSORS’ COLONY,  WEST CHURCH ROAD, NEAR RED CROSS
                                                                                                                                       GAYA – 823001, BIHAR
 Types of services offered:--

 GENERAL: ---                                                                            SPECIALISED:--              (a)  GENERAL SURGERY                                  (b)  GENITOURINARY

(c)  OBS & GYNAE                 


(e)  PATHOLOGY                                              (f)  LAPAROSCOPIC                      SURGERY

(g)  IMMUNIZATION                                        (h)  INFERTILITY                          SERVICES

(i)  DERMATOLOGY                                          (j)   PLASTIC &                              RECONSTRUCTIVE                Surgery    







 Abhineet Nursing Homes & Laparoscopic  Centre Pvt. Ltd., a symbol of excellence, commitment and   dedicated patient care, established in Nov, 1993 and shifted to its new building in April 2003. It was inaugurated by Dr Prof. Narendra Prasad, Ex Professor of Surgery Patna Medical College, & is located in the heart of the town at Professor Colony, West Church Road, GAYA.

The vision is borne out of a single-minded focus on providing world-class minimally invasive surgery to patients in many super-specialty areas at affordable cost. Endosurgery symbolizes the cross-section of medicine and state-of-the-art-technology and the 20-bed hospital deploys the same to the national standards. Combining vision and technology, the finesse comes in harnessing the two to deliver patient satisfaction. At our Hospital, a patient is a family member first. A belief that it's the little things in life that makes the big difference… Our Hospital walks that extra mile when it comes to patient service. Discover the hospital facilities and services to discover how we bring little extra care for all.  It is situated about 3 km from the railway station & 5 km from the airport.The social environment is urban .We have well ventilated rooms & general wards with a good parking area & a waiting hall. O.T. room & labor rooms are well equipped. Two beds are there for surgical & gynecological intensive care.Regarding our charges, we are at par with CGHS rates. We give a package deal  at CGHS rates.

A small canteen is also there in the backyard for patient and attendants. PATHOLOGY is out sourced. There is a collection centre managed by KUMAR-DIAGNOSTICS. Our charges are normal. Room charges vary from 300 to 1800 rupees per day. (Do not include meals). A\C & heater charges are extra. As per the norms we charge only one visit per day irrespective of no. of visits per day & post-operative doctor visit is free for the first three days. All medicines, pathological investigations will be supported by doctors’ advice. Cost of medicines & pathology, if procured through outside agencies will be included in the final bill of indoor patient.