Director / Vice President of Software Engineering

Best Practices/ Application Lifecycle/ Catalyst/

Product Development / Project Delivery


Travel: US Citizen experienced with offshore relationships


Portfolio, via Company Product Marketing Site:
Product Development : Enterprise1-Big-Ticket
  Application Lifecycle  : All Product Suites on this page
  Customer Testimonial : Jerome's, Miskelly & HomeMaker, many more
Leader of Premier Industry Solution:15 years as the visible product technical owner within the organization, clients/prospects and partners. Lead the groups that produced and then web migrated a secure, scalable, enterprise retail business application (premise, hosted or SaaS) and enabled for mobile. Driver of product lifecycle decisions.

Proven Delivery Record: Own Development for all stakeholders (product direction, customer/partner funded and support/maintenance). From requirements to programming, through implementation and support. Accountable for on-time and on-budget delivery, PCI DSS compliance, satisfied sponsors and meeting internal quality processes. Delivered to hundreds of funded engagements, thousands of releases and tens of thousands of change requests. Role expanded to encompassed company-wide Application Lifecycle and Development Operations (DevOps).

Extensive Organizational Experience: Provide organizational stability, focus and innovative vision while I reported to 10 different people through changes inherent with 4 different company names, 5 different owners, 3 mergers and various acquisitions and supporting activities.
10+ years very active with “offshore” Development: instrumental with 3 partners from inception/RFP to selection, transitioning, maturing into daily operational involvement with status reporting, monthly reviews and numerous trips.
Directly/indirectly manage and mentor 30+ reports: local, remote or in other offices (5 teams, 4 include offshore).

University of California San Diego: Bachelor's 1991-Quantitative Economics & Decision Science, Math minor; 1993-Computer Science