I am currently building and moving to a new house, so no plants or seed are available, sorry.

You can email me at with any queries.
The cost of a particular plant or seed will depend on the size of the plant, the qualities and rarity of the hybrid or species, and the size of the order.
  • On average, one small-medium plant of flowering age would be about $7 to $15
  • For a 'fancier' variety, the cost could be $15 to $30 for a plant
  • For seed, I generally charge $12 - which will get you a 'decent amount of seed' or 'more than 100 seeds' (not that I count them).
Streptocarpus ship very well in the normal post.  On average it costs about $5 to $10 to post around NZ.

I don't ship plants overseas.  But, I can sometimes post seed; this depends on your country's import regulations.  Postage overseas is generally $2.
NZ buyers can pay with cash, cheque, bank deposit.  Overseas customers can pay via PayPal. 

Cloning order
If you are a commercial entity, and require material for cloning/propagation, just email me and we can discuss.