Each year:
* Over 800,000 gallons of embalming fluid goes into the Earth,
* 1,600,000 tons of concrete to make burial vaults is buried, and
* Enough steel, by way of caskets, to re-build the Golden Gate Bridge.

*There are no laws that state we must be embalmed.

*It is legal in the state of California for people to care for their dead (CA statues, Chap.3, section 7100). This includes caring for the body, filing the necessary paperwork, and transportation to final resting place.

*There is no law in California that states one must use a funeral director (9 states require a funeral director to fill out and file the paperwork).

*The minimum cost of a commercial funeral is approximately $4500 and can exceed $20,000 while a home funeral, which is a personal and healing experience, averages$2000-3000.