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ॐ.!शुभं करोति कल्याणं, आरोग्यं धन संपदा |शत्रु बुद्धि विनाशाय,दीप ज्योति नमोस्तुते||                                                                  Become a chef.         
आप को और आपके परिवार को हमारी तरफ से हार्दिक शुभ कामनाऐ.                                                                                            Visit: www.simplycooking.in

Pleased to announce publication of my books- "SIMPLY COOKING- Theory & Principles" on 25th March, 2015 and "SIMPLY COOKING- Practical" on 29th January, 2016. For details click here.

Email me for any question related to professional kitchens, terms, layout, hierarchy, accounting, recipes, menu planning, promotions & festivals or anything concerning hospitality & its education.
While you are on this site, please take a moment to visit the other pages (notably my articles, research and blessings). My research is available here. Your comments shall be highly valued.
At the Red Ribbon Club Workshop (26.11.2011)

At the Workshop conducted by Red Ribbon Club on 26th November, 2011

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