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born in New York, New York, USA

lives and works in Cologne, Germany since 1990

as visual artist, singer-songwriter and lyricist


2009- 2012, studied painting under the auspices of Hans Peter Adamski

1973- 1976, SUNY Purchase, -- School of Art + Design (Formerly School of the Visual Arts), School of Humanities

EDUCATION Literature

1986, Ph.D., New York University, Doctoral Dissertation “Roland Barthes/Ledo Ivo: On the Margins of Genre”

1982, Master of the Arts, New York University

1979, Bachelor of the Arts, New York University


2020, Walking Color, Praxis Dr. Eva Kalman, Oststrasse 49, Düsseldorf

2018 - 2019 Inner Light II, Praxis Dr. Eva Kalman, Oststrasse 49, Düsseldorf

2017, Inner Light, Galerie21, Limburgerstr. 21, Köln 08.09 -- 22.09.17

2016, Take Heart, Galerie21, Limburgerstr. 21, Köln 03.11-- 23.11.16

2016, Soul Pieces, Cor Interlübke by vianden in Köln, vianden Die Wohnkultur GmbH, Kaiser Wilhelm Ring 34, Köln 28.02- 25.04.16

2015, Écriture, Private Exhibition / Drs. G Nelles and C Polidori-Nelles, Junkersdorf, Cologne

2014, New Works, Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre, Paris, 18 September - 28 September

2014, Indian Summer, Artzpraxis Marienburg, Cologne, 12 September - 16 January

2012, East Hampton (Part I and II), Schüller Möbel, Bonn, curated by Ivo Ringe, opening speech Gérard Goodrow

2012, New Page. Praxis Dr. Eva Kalman, Düsseldorf

2012, East Hampton (Part I), Von Buddenbrock, Cologne, opening speech Monika von Starck

2012, Just for the Record, Meyer Records, Cologne, opening speech Monika von Starck

2011, Squares, Charlotte von Lom, Cologne, opening speech Monika von Starck

2011, Surfacing, Praxis Dr. Eva Kalman, Düsseldorf

2010, Mittelstrasse, Practices of Dr. Agnes Weress-Nagy and Dr. Simone Hellmann, Cologne

2010, East Meadow, New York, City Hall, Cologne, by invitation from Mayor Angela Spizig

2009, 25 Paintings, Bruchhaus Optik Exhibition Space, Cologne


2017, Untitled-- Galerie21, Limburger Str. 21, Köln 25.12 - 15.02.18

A group exhibition with artists Amy Antin, Gerd Bonfert, Craig Fyfe, Andreas Szöke and Nikolaus Szöke.

2016, Frühjahrsfest, Atelier Fort Paul im Volksgarten. 22.05.16.

By kind invitation from Katja Egler and Bea Vrede

2015, Autoportrait, Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre, 10 Rue des Beaux-Arts, 75006 Paris March 12 th - 21st

2014, Painting Black, The Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Art Gallery, New York, curated by Joe Barnes and Ivo Ringe, begins November 18th

The Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Art Gallery, 417 Lafayette Street, New York, New York 10003

2013, Sommerfest, Galerie Ulf Larsson, Cologne, curated by Ulf Larsson

2013, Title: I have tried to clear up some of my approximations, though exactitude can sometimes kill spirit (Paul Nelson),

Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre, Paris, curated by Arnaud Lefebvre

2011, Turtle, Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre, Paris, curated by Michael H Shamberg and Arnaud Lefebvre


2015 Already Spring, Meyer Records/Rough Trade (LP Vinyl, CD and Songbook)

2012 Just for the Record, Meyer Records/Rough Trade (LP Vinyl and CD)

2007 Heart of Clay, Herzog Records/ Edel (LP Vinyl and CD)

2001 Pretty Little Girl (CD) Gema

1997 Ain't Cut to Measure (CD) Gema


Please see archive of the UPCOMING EVENTS page for the ARCHIVE of concerts and guest appearances on my website AMY ANTIN MUSIC AND PAINTINGS, 1990 to present



2020 YouTube Playlist, “First Song of the Morning” / 75 original songs recorded one per day during the beginning months of the pandemic

2020 YouTube Playlist, “Newer Songs” still in progress

YouTube Amy Antin’s Room Podcast.

Interview with guitarist and professor of music in Leipzig, Werner Neumann,

Interview with singer and songwriter Eric Andersen

Interview with visual artist Ivo Ringe

Two Amy Antin songs arranged and produced by the band Thirst. Only (to be Right) and Dakota


Bernd Keul’s channel Vimeo, with Amy Antin, Bernd Keul and Philipp Imdahl

Several music videos with original songs such as

My Name is Rothko, Rothko Day, Common Ground,

Right Hand Man and Only to be Right, and others


2015 Belgischer Rundfunk 1, Already Spring, Live Interview

2015 Radio Okerwelle, Zwischentöne, Already Spring, Live Interview

2012 Radio Okerwelle, Zwischentöne, Just for the Record Live Interview

WDR Television:

2002, Westart am Sonntag, Folge 25/02, Das War's, Kulturhighlights 2002

2001, Kölner Köpfe, Amy Antin (portrait) April 30th

1997, Kulturszene, Amy Antin (portrait) regisseurin Katja Lüber June 15th

1995, Aktuelle Stunde, Amy Antin (portrait) regisseur Martin Schorn

1994, Aktuelle Stunde, Düsseldorf, song: K.D.B.

WDR Radio:

Home, radio feature with a selection of songs by Amy Antin

Hello Ü-Wagon with Julitta Münch


RTL Television:

1997, Championship League Hymn, title Young at Heart, music by Toto members Steve and Mike Porcaro and sung by Joseph Williams

1996, Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten, title Friends, for the group Just Friends

Benefit Album for RTL: Wir Helfen Kindern, Now is the Time

1991 to present:

Lyrics for individual composers and albums

Album List:

Ariane Baumgartner: Miracle Love, Dignity

Peter Fessler: Fessler; Signatures, Peter Fessler on Stage, Footprints, Eastside Moments

Xaver Fischer: Songs for You

Bianca Gierok, Lulo Reinhardt, Jazz n' Gipsy

Klaus Heuser, Thomas Heine - Klaus Major Heuser Band, soon to be released title unknown

Oliver Kels, Sister K

Uli Kurtinat: Simple Things, Ellen

Eva Mayerhofer: Lofty Ground

Peter Nica and Ji-in Cho-Thucasee, album: One More Song

Matthias Petzhold Working Band, Elements

Rene Pretschner Band, Another World

Revelation: Would A Song Ever Lie, Restless

Gerd Rochel - Garrison, Garrison, On the Road to Memphis

Stephan Scheuss: Stephan Scheuss and the Brilliant Mistake, Live in Schmuckkästchen

Marc Schönberger: Rivers and More, Walk on Water

Purple Schulz, Josef Piek / Purple Schulz: Spass beiseite?, Programmänderung

Christoph Streit: Streit

Thirst: Thirst

Christian Tolle - Christian Tolle Project: Better Than Dreams, The Real Thing

Sabine van Baaren: Whatever Comes, Remember Who You Are

Vocaleros: Vocaleros, That Thing


2014, Wikipedia, Amy Antin (online)

2014, Amy Antin in Johnny's Kitchen, Johannes Schenk, video portrait. (online)

2012, Eine Amerikanerin in Köln, Reinhard Lüke, Meine Südstadt (online)

2012, Geschichte einer Metamorphose, Karola Waldeck, Magazin-kölnsüd

2010, Wie Pausen Zwischen den Tönen, Jürgen Kisters, Kölner Stadt Anzeiger (online)

2012, Amy Antin, 10+10 Interview, Gaesteliste (online)

2008, Mit Herzblut gebrannt, Fredi Balz, Rhein Main Presse

2005, Verveil' ich oder eil' ich?, Kölner Stadt Anzeiger

2005, Vom Big Apple ins Rechtsrheinische, Amy Antin und Elke Heidenreich bei neuer Reihe im Hotel New Yorker, Kölner Stadt Anzeiger

2004, Amy Antin im Haus der Jugend, Rhein Main Presse

2004, Sinnliche Texte und eingängige Melodien, Amy Antin und Ariane Baumgartner gastierten in der Kreuzkapelle, Letmathe, Iserlohn

2003, Verführung zum Erzählen, Kieler Szenen

2001, Lieder sind wie kleine Wunder, Andreas Fasel, Welt am Sonntag

2001, Der Weg zum "room", Teddy Hoersch, Kölner Illustrierte

2000, Die Grammatik der Gefuhle, Teddy Hoersch, Kölner Illustrierte

1997, Gelebter Traum und Widerspruch, Teddy Hoersch, Kölner Illustrierte