Preeti, a lovely and high-strung young woman is like an extra-terrestrial kitten lost in the wrong lane. While her heart wishes to sing and fly high in the open sky, the outdated norms seem to pull her wings down and pin them down to some sort of dark spaces. "What do you mean by freedom? There is no freedom for you!"
While she yearns to explore the potential of beautiful human life, glaring eyes seem to chastise her and growl ferociously, "Behave yourself ! You are a girl-child!" She does not know whom to trust in that hostile scenario.There is only one mysterious guy whom she trusts almost blindly.
She is young, lovely and full of dreams. But the match-making fiasco all around Preeti swoops down upon her also menacingly, threatening to crush her, too, in its merciless tenacles. But she wants love, not captivity. Strange family secrets tumble out to unnerve her even more. Against all odds, she frantically searches for love in a social setup where love is considered taboo. Will she be able to find that haven of love?