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This story revolves around the fierce play between innate faith and callous treachery, A handsome and exceptionally successful entrepreneur is deviously and systematically destroyed by his six elder sisters , for while he loves them with an almost fierce filial attachment, he is absolutely unaware of the extent of their deep-rooted hatred and sinister plans. When the chronic bachelor suddenly gets married to an orphan beauty and loves her crazily, they react by viciously and meticulously endorsing one another's blatant lies aimed at disintegrating his happy marriage. They callously weave an intricate and inextricable web to trap them. With recklessly deafening crescendo, they repeatedly tell him that she is a faithless hussy who only wishes him to die so that she could inherit his vast property and marry one of her paramours.All this leads to explosive situations. Will they be able to survive these well-calculated and nefarious attacks