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About the author AMRIT PAL TIWANA

I am an ex-professor of English and taught in colleges long time ago. Since my husband's job was frequently transferable to distant locations and the kids were small at that time, I left the job after a few years. But what I could not leave was writing, for it would come to me like an overwhelming deluge. It had been like that right since my teens. So I simply continued writing and writing and writing for years and years together. Years became decades and sweet sixteen became sweet sixty. Piles and piles of fiction, philosophy and poetry.And bang comes ebook  revolution like a dream come true and here I am trying to upload whatever of my works I can. I am writing new books, too.

At present I am staying in the beautiful foothills of Kalka on the outskirts of Chandigarh, India. I frequently visit my son who is settled in the U.S.A. I am fond of photography, net-surfing, flower arrangement, writing and reading.

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