THE REFUGEE'S DAUGHTER (Dancing on the Quicksands Novel)

This Product Detailsis the intriguing story of Asha, a young woman hurdle-jumping through the emotional minefields in search of love, but encountering explosive blasts at every turn. This tempestuous quest is riddled with twists and turns of fate.This is a time of political anarchy and social destabilization when countless harried people leave their hearths and homes and frantically run towards unknown lands in order to survive.
When she is dancing upon the burning stones that repeatedly turn into hungry quicksands, she simply has no choice but to go on dancing non-stop. For the earth won't leave her and the sky won't have her. Sort of mobile crucification?Will someone snatch her away from the hungry quicksands?

She can't take any more heart-breaks. What will she do when true love beckons her from across the burning chasm?