News and Announcements

The township has a need for a Road Worker
A description of duties can be sought by emailing
All interested parties should submit a resume
either in person to a trustee/fiscal officer,
 or by email, 
or by us mail to 
Ames Township
PO Box 158 Amesville, OH  45711

We are also in need of an interested person to fill
the unexpired term of Ann Cunningham
This will be by appointment of the Board
 and must be made within 30 days 
of her resignation on September 30.

All interested parties should submit a letter of interest
Ames Township
po box 158
Amesville OH  45711

Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, Sept. 1,  2020
7:00 pm
15900 Henry Road
Amesville, Oh  45711
The public is always welcome. 

We are continuing to hope that you are healthy and that we're all doing our part to be careful about the spread of Covid 19 (and any) disease . 

Remember to wash your hands often, and properly.
do not go in public if you're sick, stay home!
Cough and sneeze into your elbow.
Give space to one another-minimum 6 feet. 
wear a mask in confined public areas.

Be Well.

Next Meeting
Tuesday July 7, 2020
15900 Henry Road
Amesville OH  45711
Township Garage
(social distancing protocols will be followed)
The public is always welcome.

Your Trustees

 Ann Cunningham, 740-591-3614,  Lyle Fuller 740-448-7789, Brent Kasler 740-541-4208

Your Trustees

 Ann Cunningham, 740-591-3614,  Lyle Fuller 740-448-7789, Brent Kasler 740-541-4208


 Please Recycle
No Sorting Required!!
 household recyclables-during daylight hours
 the Athens County Engineer's Depot
5 Main St, Amesville
No Dumping Allowed, Violators will be prosecuted. 

Household size Recycling Bins and Bags are available
Please contact Ann Cunningham
if interested 740-591-3614

                     Welcome to the Ames Township,  Athens County, Ohio Webpage                                 

 15900 Henry Road, Amesville OH,  45711

                                                                                         Your Trustees

 Ann Cunningham, 740-591-3614,  Lyle Fuller 740-448-7789, Brent Kasler 740-541-4208

Ames Township Calendar


We hope that you'll visit us very soon.  Our township includes beautiful scenic roads, (minutes away from the famous Triple Nickel (SR 555), Rim of the World (SR 78) local historical sites, and we are minutes away from Ohio University and Hocking College in Southeastern Ohio.  
Bring your family, including your "foodies" and beverage experts, your motorcycle, sports car, camping Gear, Boat, or whatever you like and join us in Beautiful Southeastern Ohio.  We have something for all!

Ames Township is a mostly rural township located in eastern Athens County, Ohio. Our township covers 28.24 miles of roads, 13 cemetaries and the village of Amesville. According to the 2010 census, our township residents number 1183 people, with 154 residents located in the village of Amesville, at the crossroads of state routes 550 East and 329 north.  


Ann Cunningham-
(term expires 12-31-2021)

Lyle Fuller-Trustee
(Term Expires 12-31-2023)

Brent Kasler-
(term expires 12-31-2021) 

Fiscal Officer
Anita Weed
(term expires 3-31-2021)

Township Garage
15900 Henry Rd.
Amesville, OH