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Japan-America Society of the State of Washington

posted Mar 15, 2010, 6:52 PM by Elijah Zupancic

The mission of the Japan-America Society of the State of Washington is to promote mutual understanding and friendship between the people of Japan and Washington State by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and information. 

Seattle's Japanese-Speaking Gathering

posted Mar 15, 2010, 6:47 PM by Elijah Zupancic

The Seattle Open Japanese Meetup is the most active Japanese Meetup in the area, with a lively group of people who speak or are learning Japanese.

We have regular, casual meetings to practice Japanese, talk about trips to Japan, and interact with other Japanese speakers.

Native speakers are welcomed, intermediate Japanese speakers get lots of practice, and beginners are encouraged to ask questions to learn more.

Most of the time we simply have casual conversations in Japanese and English. We rarely set an agenda. If you're trying to learn something specific, please feel free to bring materials or books that cover your topic and feel free to ask for help. This isn't a classroom. We don't have any formal lesson plans, but many people will be glad to help you out on something with which you're struggling.

Thursday night dinner Meetups: Always in Seattle, but the neighborhood varies. 
Once or twice a month: Coffee Meetup, usually in-city, usually on Sundays or Tuesdays. 
Occasional events: Karaoke/Happy Hour. 
Irregular: Southend/Northend/Eastside events, private home parties. (You can always volunteer to organize these)

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