Chapter Rules






The name of this chapter shall be Alpha Psi Chapter, Eta State Organization, The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, hereafter known as Alpha Psi.


The purpose of Alpha Psi Chapter shall be to promote the seven purposes of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International as found in the Constitution, Article II, the Eta State Bylaws and the Alpha Psi yearbook.


Membership is in accordance with the Constitution, Article III, and the International Standing Rules:

1. Active members shall be women who are employed in or who have retired from educational work as

professionals. They shall participate in the activities of the Society. A former member so requesting

shall be reinstated to membership by the chapter receiving the request. A member in good

standing may transfer from one chapter to another upon notification to Society Headquarters.

Reserve membership shall be granted only to those who are unable to participate fully in the activities

of the chapter because of physical disability and/or geographic location. Reserve status shall be

granted by a majority vote of the chapter. A reserve member, so requesting, may be restored to

active membership.

Honorary members shall be women not eligible for active membership who have rendered

notable service to education or service to women. These women are elected to honorary

membership in recognition of such service. They shall be privileged to participate in all activities

except that of holding office.

2. Recommendation for Membership (Form 11) shall be completed by the sponsor and returned

to the Membership Committee by January 31.

3. The Membership Committee shall review Recommendations for Membership and prepare to

present the candidates’ names to the chapter membership.

4. Voting for prospective members will occur at the February meeting.

5. The general membership shall vote by secret ballot; a 4/5 favorable vote of members in

attendance will elect the candidate to membership.

6. A written invitation to become a member of Alpha Psi, accompanied by an invitation to an

information sharing meeting, shall be mailed to each prospective member.

7. The chapter president and the chairman of the Membership Committee shall arrange an orientation

session with prospective members at a time after invitations are extended and before initiation.

8. An initiation ceremony shall be conducted for new members at the May meeting following

the guidelines in the Delta Kappa Gamma Handbook and the Ceremonies book.

9. Membership in the society is terminated for nonpayment of dues and fees, resignation or death.

10. The chapter has the authority to act I matters of membership; membership records are maintained

by the chapter.

11. Members who are unable to attend a meeting are required to call or write the hostess

chairman by the deadline date stating specific reasons for their absence. Any member who

does not call by the deadline or does not attend the meeting will be responsible for her meal.

12. Each member is required to purchase a Delta Kappa Gamma pin and wear it to all

functions. Society pins may be returned to the chapter upon a member’s resignation or

death and may be given to an honorary member or used to replace a pin lost by another



1. Dues

A. Annual dues are required of all members of the chapter as specified in the budget included in the Alpha Psi yearbook. Members may vote to access themselves for special projects.

B. Dues shall be $75 for active members and $32 for reserve members. These amounts include the following:

Dues Total International State Scholarship Chapter

Active $75 $40 $15 $1 $19 Reserve $32 $20 $ 2 $1 $ 9

C. Sixty cents (60Ë) of the one dollar ($1.00) scholarship fee shall be retained for the Alpha Psi Scholarship Fund. The remaining forty cents (40Ë) is sent to the state treasurer who distributes it as follows: twenty cents (20Ë) for international and twenty cents (20Ë) for state scholarship programs. The chapter pays a fee of $5.00 for the privilege of maintaining such a fund.

D. All new members, except honorary members, shall pay an initiation fee of $10.00 ($5.00 for chapter, $2.50 for Eta State, and $2.50 for International). A lifetime fee of $50 for international publications shall be paid for each honorary member at the time of initiation. This fee shall be paid by the chapter.

E. Dues can be paid anytime between the May and September meetings.

F. At the close of the September meeting, the treasurer shall notify the chapter president of the members who have not paid their dues so that efforts may be made to urge each member to pay their dues immediately.

G. If dues are not paid by October 31, the treasurer must drop the member from the chapter roll. The member shall be notified that she has been dropped for non-payment of dues and fees.

H. There is no reinstatement fee if a former member in good standing wishes to be reinstated.

2. Budget

A. The finance committee shall prepare an annual budget to be approved by the chapter membership.

B. Following adoption of the budget, no expenditure is to exceed the budgeted amount without the approval of the chapter membership.

C. Items occurring in the budget each year include:

(1) Special Projects

(a) Schools for Africa $ 300

(b) Betsy Everett Ipock Recruitment Grant $1,000

(c) World Fellowship Fund $1 per member

(d) Craven Literacy Council Contribution $ 25

(e) Eta State Headquarters $ 200

(2) General Expenses

(a) State Convention & State Exec. Bd. meetings (Pres. Expenses) $ 500

(b) Leadership Workshop (President & 3 members) $ 200 (biennially)

(c) Eta State scholarship Fund (40 cents per member)

(3) Miscellaneous -- amount to be determined annually

(Supplies--local and international--postage, yearbook, newsletter, flowers, gifts, cards, president’s pin, etc.) Alpha Psi will annually sponsor one member to attend the Eta State Convention with up to $100 stipend by drawing her name from a first-time attendee pool. If there is no pool, then a drawing of a member's name from those attending and not receiving funding will be made. Financial support for the stipend will come from the special fund proceeds.

(4) Special funds and/or awards may be created by the Executive Board and approved by the


D. Non-recurring items such as scholarship funds, special funds and hosting regional meetings

will be administered by the treasurer as circumstances warrant.

3. General Rules for Miscellaneous Expenses

A. Flowers shall be sent to members in the event of death.

(1) Upon the death of a member, three (3) red roses will be sent to her family.

(2) Upon the death of a member’s family (husband, father, mother or child) three (3) red roses shall be sent to the member.

(3) Plants or flower arrangements shall be sent to members who are in the hospital or have an extended illness at home. Cards shall be sent to members who are ill at home.


1. Alpha Psi Chapter shall govern the conduct of its business in a manner consistent with the

Constitution, the International Standing Rules, the Eta State Organization Bylaws, the Eta State Standing Rules and the Alpha Psi Chapter Standing Rules.

2. A minimum of four business meetings shall be held annually.


1. Officers and Appointed Personnel

A. The chapter officers shall be President, First Vice President, Second Vice President,

Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary (all elected for a two year term or until a successor is named) and a Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer (selected by the executive board). A parliamentarian, appointed by the president, is chapter-related personnel. The parliamentarian is not an officer but serves as an ex-officio member without vote on the chapter executive board.

B. The chapter treasurer and assistant treasurer shall be retained in office as long as feasible because of the nature of their responsibilities and the time required to learn the special details of the office.

2. The Duties of the Officers

The officers shall perform the duties as prescribed in the International Constitution, Article VI, as follows:

A. The president shall:

(1) act as presiding officer at regular and called meetings,

(2) direct the activities of the chapter,

(3) act as chair of the chapter Executive Board,

(4) appoint a parliamentarian,

(5) appoint standing and special committees,

(6) serve as a member ex officio on all committees except Leadership Development/


(7) approve publications,

(8) approve for payment all expense claims,

(9) fill by appointment all vacancies for office,

(10) represent the Society at meetings, conferences and other events,

(11) serve as representative on the State organization Executive Board or send a designee if unable to attend. The state president must be given the substitute’s name in advance.

(12) take action with the advice and approval of the State Organization Executive Board on matters that cannot be deferred until the next convention or meeting, and

(13) shall order the president’s pin and present it to the incoming president at the installation ceremony.

B. The First Vice President shall:

(1) serve as presiding officer in the absence of the president,

(2) succeed to the presidency in the event of the resignation or death of the president and serve until the next regular election of officers,

(3) chair the Educational Excellence Team (EET)and work with them to plan programs and presentations for each meeting of the year and submit plans to the yearbook editor for publication prior to the September meeting, and

(4) perform such other duties as the president shall assign to her.

C. The Second Vice President shall:

(1) serve as presiding officer in the absence of both the president and the first vice president,

(2) succeed to the office of first vice president in the event of the resignation or death of either the president or the first vice president and serve until the next regular election of officers,

(3) serve as the hostess and invocation coordinator, and

(4) perform such other duties as assigned by the president or the executive board.

D. The Recording Secretary shall:

(1) record the minutes of chapter meetings and executive board meetings and furnish the president with a copy of such minutes.

E. The Corresponding Secretary shall:

(1) read the correspondence at chapter meetings,

(2) serve as chairman of the Nurture and Support Committee, and

(3) carry on such correspondence as may be delegated to her by the president.

F. The Treasurer shall:

(1) receive and pay out all monies belonging to the chapter,

(2) keep an accurate account of receipts and expenditures,

(3) maintain a record of receipts, bills and bank statements,

(4) present a report at each regular meeting,

(5) file required tax reports,

(6) submit for biennial audit/financial review the accounts of the chapter, and

(7) serve as consultant in the process of budget development and supervision of finances.

G. The Assistant Treasurer shall:

(1) assist the treasurer in her duties and help maintain appropriate records as recommended by the auditor.


1. Business of Alpha Psi shall be conducted at regular meetings held at a time and place as

determined by the executive board or at special meetings called by the president.

A. Alpha Psi shall meet in September, November, February and May.

B. The meetings shall be held on Monday evenings or Saturday mornings.

C. Other meetings or excursions may be scheduled if members so desire.

2. A quorum shall be a majority (one-half plus one) of the current active membership.


1. The members of the executive board shall be the elected officers, the immediate past president, and other members as determined by the President. The treasurer, assistant treasurer and the parliamentarian shall be ex-officio members, the parliamentarian without vote.

2. The executive board shall:

A. select the treasurer and assistant treasurer for the biennium,

B. recommend policies and procedures for consideration by chapter members,

C. determine time and place of chapter meetings,

D. act in the interim between meetings upon matters requiring immediate action and decisions, and

E. establish rules for budget development and approval and for the supervision of chapter finances.

3. Meetings of the executive board shall be held at least twice each year; special meetings may be called by the president. A quorum shall be a majority of the voting members of the board. There shall be no proxy voting.


1. Standing Committees/Representatives shall be:

A. Educational Excellence Team (EET)

(1) Beginning Teacher Support

(2) Educational Law and Policy

(3) Leadership Development/Nominations

(4) Membership

(5) Personal Growth and Service

(6) A World Fellowship Representative

(7) A Music/Fine Arts Representative

B. Society Business

(1) Nurture and Support (Chair—Corresponding Secretary)

(2) Communications

(3) Finance

(4) Chapter Rules

(5) Scholarship

(6) Betsy Everett Ipock Recruitment Grant

(7) Hostess and Invocation Coordinator (2nd Vice President)

2. General Procedures:

A. All committees, except the leadership development/nominations committee, shall be appointed by the president for a term of two years. The leadership development/nominations committee shall have staggered four year terms of service with four members appointed during one biennium and the other four appointed in the next biennium

B. The president shall be ex-officio member of all committees except the leadership development/ nominations committee.

C. Special committees shall be appointed by the president for a specific need and shall be dissolved after making a final report to the chapter.

D. Committee chairmen shall receive from their predecessors the materials, records and information at a transitional meeting to be held soon after they are appointed by the incoming president.

E. Committee chairmen shall:

(1) coordinate committee planning and implementation of goals and activities for the year,

(2) keep an up-to-date file of committee activities for the year,

(3) send necessary reports to the state chairman by the designated date, and

(4) present a report of on-going activities at each chapter meeting.

3. Specific Duties of Committees:

A. Educational Excellence Team:

The educational excellence team shall be composed of the chairman of the beginning teacher

support committee, educational law and policy committee, leadership development/nominations

committee, membership committee, personal growth and service committee, a world fellowship

representative, and a music/fine arts representative. The EET shall assist the first vice president in planning and coordinating programs and presentations, recommend ways that music/fine arts can be used to enhance programs, projects and activities of the chapter, and complete and submit reports as required by state and international.

(1) Beginning Teacher Support Committee:

The beginning teacher support committee shall identify and implement strategies to sustain and retain quality teachers.

(2) Educational Law and Policy Committee:

The educational law and policy committee shall promote activities that garner support for education and the status of women at the local and state level. The chairman of this committee shall serve as the U.S. Forum representative.

(3) Leadership Development/Nominations Committee:

The leadership development/nominations committee shall encourage members to realize their potential as the leaders they are and to promote leadership opportunities available at all levels of the society. The Leadership Development/Nomination Committee shall be composed of eightmembers appointed by the president, four of whom have served during the previous biennium and shall include at least one past president. Each biennium, four new members shall be appointed for two terms (four years). The president shall appoint one of the four continuing members as chairman for the biennium. The length of the terms (ex. 2012-2016) shall be noted in the yearbook.

The Leadership Development/Nominations Committee shall:

(a) submit the name of one nominee for each elective office, (Consent of the nominee must be obtained.)

(b) present the slate of officers, except the treasurer and assistant treasurer, at the February meeting of even-numbered years. (After the report of the nominations committee has been made, additional nominations may be made from the floor with the consent of the nominees. If there is but one nominee for an office, the elections may be by voice vote. When there is more than one nominee for an office, election shall be by ballot. Officers are elected by a majority vote of the chapter members present and voting. A quorum is required at the meeting during which officer elections are held.)

(c) The Leadership Development/Nominations Committee shall prepare the ballot and conduct the election should there be a nomination in addition to the slate presented.

(4) Membership Committee:

The membership committee shall:

(a) make available membership application forms at the November meeting and encourage members to recommend potential members,

(b) screen the qualifications of nominees presented for membership,

(c) implement procedures for election and initiation of new members as stated in Article III,

(d) keep an accurate record of invitations sent, written replies made by persons

accepting or declining membership and submit copies to the recording secretary to be filed with minutes,

(e) conduct periodic orientation for new members,

(f) maintain and submit necrology records and reports to the state,

(g) plan and present the memorial service for deceased members at the May meeting, and

(h) maintain an accurate member data profile on each member.

(5) The Personal Growth and Service Committee shall:

(a) work with the EET to develop programs that promote personal growth and service,

(b) recognize members who develop their own personal growth and who contribute to

the personal growth of others, and

(c) encourage chapter members to participate in seminars and worthy community projects.

(6) The World Fellowship Representative shall:

(a) inform chapter members concerning the World Fellowship (grant) to women educators from other countries, and

(b) encourage members to contact World Fellowship recipients, and

(c) be responsible for the Schools for Africa project.

(7) Music/Fine Arts Representative:

The Music/Fine Arts Representative shall plan for the use of music/fine arts as an integral part of the program at each chapter meeting. The representative shall involve member talents.

B. Society Business

(1) The Nurture and Support Committee shall:

(a) order and deliver the roses for deaths as stated in Article IV and make arrangements for someone to attend the funeral,

(b) send flowers (other than roses) to members who are in the hospital or who have an extended illness at home; send cards to members who are ill at home,

(c) through the newsletter and/or email, keep members aware of the joys and sorrows of members,

(d) stay in contact with reserve members through cards and/or calls, and

(e) perform other duties as designated by the president.

(2) Communications Committee:

The communications committee shall be composed of newsletter editor, yearbook editor, webmaster, a scrapbook/historian and others as needed.

(a) The newsletter editor shall publish a newsletter four times each year. For publication specifics, see Publications on page 9.

(b) The yearbook editor shall: prepare a yearbook at the beginning of each even numbered year, prepare an addendum to the yearbook at the beginning of each odd numbered year, distribute an updated copy of the yearbook or addendum to each Alpha Psi member annually, and submit a statement of yearbook expenses to the treasurer.

(c) The webmaster shall maintain and update the chapter website and submit a statement of the annual fee to the treasurer for payment.

(d) The Scrapbook/historian shall record and update chapter history yearly.

(e) The committee chairman shall send reports of all chapter and regional meetings to local newspapers.

(3) Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall consist of the immediate past president who serves as chairman, the chapter president, treasurer and assistant treasurer and shall:

(a) prepare the annual budget and present it at the summer meeting of the executive committee for their approval and at the September meeting for approval by the chapter membership, and

(b) supervise the administration of chapter funds.

. (4) Rules Committee

The Rules Committee shall receive all proposals for amending or revising Alpha Psi Standing Rules and present them to the membership for approval. Proposed revisions should be given to the membership for review in advance of the meeting. Standing rules will be reviewed/revised a minimum of every four years and distributed to the membership.

(5) The Scholarship Committee shall:

(a) recommend criteria for administering chapter scholarship,

(b) publicize state and international graduate study scholarships,

(c) encourage members to apply for chapter, state, and international scholarships, and

(d) administer the scholarship in accordance with Article X.

(6) Betsy Everett Ipock Recruitment Grant Committee

The Betsy Everett Ipock Recruitment Grant Committee shall conduct fundraising activities to support the recruitment grant and implement the guidelines stated below.

(a) The purpose of the Betsy Everett Ipock Recruitment Grant is to encourage outstanding

high school students to become teachers.

(b) The Betsy Everett Ipock Recruitment Grant shall be awarded according to the following


1. The recipient must be a resident of Craven or Pamlico County.

2. Applications for the recruitment grant shall be placed in each high school guidance office.

3. One candidate will be considered from each high school in Craven and Pamlico counties.

4. Names will be presented to the Betsy Everett Ipock Recruitment Grant Committee who will select the recipient.

5. Recipient should express a desire to become a teacher.

6. Need should be a factor.

7. Recipient should be above average in achievement.

8. The Betsy Everett Ipock Recruitment Grant is available for an individual for a one- year period.

9. If possible, the grant shall be presented to the recipient at the high school at the appropriate time.

10. See addendum in the back of the yearbook for grant criteria and applications.

(7) Margaret Stancil Individual Professional Development Award Committee

The Margaret Stancil Individual Professional Development Award Committee will review applications for adherence to the guidelines stated below and will inform recipients of their acceptance or non-acceptance approximately two weeks after application due dates.

(a) This Award is funded through a $20,000 gift donated by deceased member

Margaret Stancil

(b) Funds will be provided for professional seminars, workshops, lecture series, national certification, on-line courses, and other degree and non-degree opportunities that relate specifically to an applicant's professional aspirations and/or current educational assignment according to the guidelines stated below:

1. Applicants must have active educational employment in Craven or Pamlico counties.

2. Application for the grant will be posted on the Alpha Psi website through Google.

3. Awards will be considered for participation in professional development activities not sponsored by Delta Kappa Gamma events.

4. Participants cannot be reimbursed for activities already completed.

5. Deadlines for submission of applications are: September 30 and January 31. Applicants will be informed of the receipt immediately.

6. Applicants may receive funding only once per year, but can apply again that year if unsuccessful.

7. Awards may be for full amount or portion of amount requested and will be provided directly to recipient. Funds not used for specific approved purpose must be returned to the chapter.

8. Recipients are expected to share their experiences at an Alpha Psi meeting.

(8) Hostess and Invocation Coordinator (2nd Vice President)

The Hostess and Invocation Coordinator shall schedule members to provide the invocation at chapter meetings and identify hostess teams for each meeting in the biennium and submit this information annually to the yearbook editor prior to yearbook publication. Each hostess team shall make arrangements for chapter meetings and special meetings including:

(a) making reservations for meeting place,

(b) selecting menu,

(c) providing decorations and table arrangements,

(d) sending information concerning plans for meeting and reservations deadline to Alpha Bits editor,

(e) receiving calls from members stating their inability to attend and reporting names to the treasurer,

(f) contacting the president concerning arrangements for the meeting,

(g) collecting $1.00 fee from members failing to wear society pin to meetings and presenting funds to the treasurer, and

(h) giving name tags and song sheets to hostess chairman for next meeting.


1. Scholarships

A. The purpose of the scholarship fund is to assist Alpha Psi members in pursuing graduate

study or additional certification.

B. Scholarships shall be awarded to members according to the following guidelines:

(1) Recipients must be in good standing in Alpha Psi and must be pursuing graduate

study, sixth year program, doctoral degree or additional certification.

(2) Scholarships shall be awarded annually to eligible recipients who have been nominated or have notified the committee of their intent to pursue graduate study or additional certification.

(3) The scholarship committee shall recommend the number and the amount of

scholarships to be awarded as determined by the number of eligible recipients and the current balance in the scholarship fund.

C. Monies received from the following sources provide funds for scholarships:

(1) The chapter portion of scholarship fees (60Ë per member)

(2) Memorial gifts, if designated

(3) Special scholarship projects

(4) Members who fail to wear the society pin to chapter meetings shall be fined one dollar ($1.00) to be placed in the scholarship fund account

D. Rules governing the administration of the scholarship program shall be recommended by

the scholarship committee and approved by the chapter members.

2. Publications

A. Newsletter

(1) The name of the Alpha Psi newsletter shall be "Alpha Bits."

(2) Alpha Bits shall be published four times each year and sent to each member at

least two weeks prior to the designated meeting date.

(3) The dateline for Alpha Bits shall include the following items in this order:




(4) The purposes of the newsletter shall be to improve chapter communications and

attendance at the meetings.

(5) Copies shall be sent regularly to state president, state editor, and state communications

committee chairman and to other chapters upon request.

(6) The newsletter expenses shall be submitted by the editor to the treasurer for reimbursement.

B. The publication of special brochures shall be approved and supplementary materials provided as needed with the approval of the president or the executive board.

3. Special Funds

A. Special Funds shall consist of monies contributed for flowers and special gifts unless otherwise designated by the donor.

B. Investment and administration of funds shall be supervised by the treasurer and assistant treasurer.


ROBERT'S RULES OF ORDER, NEWLY REVISED (current edition) shall govern the proceedings of Alpha Psi in all cases not provided for in the CONSTITUTION, Eta State Bylaws and Standing Rules.


1. These Alpha Psi Standing Rules may be amended at Chapter meetings with a majority vote.

2. Proposed amendments to the Standing Rules may be submitted to the Rules Committee by

any member or committee.


1. Before a chapter is dissolved, the approval of the Eta State Organization must be obtained.

2. Careful consideration shall be given to the manner in which those desiring to maintain

membership transfer to other chapters. International procedures must be followed.

3. Any remaining funds in the chapter account shall be sent to the Eta State Organization Treasurer.

4. Chapter paraphernalia, Society publications and chapter records shall be retained in the Eta State

Organization archives.

5. The charter must be returned to the Eta State Organization to be forwarded to the International


6. The Eta State Organization Executive Board shall decide whether the Greek name shall be

reused or not. Chapter preference shall be considered.

Amended September 10, 2007

Amended February 7, 2009

Revised February 18, 2012

Amended May 5, 2012

Amended May 1, 2014